A Splendid Celebratory Cake


                        A Splendid, Celebration Cake for your High Tea.

The table is set, your fine china, glistening in gold and translucency, shimmering in the reflected lighting of your candles and chandeliers!

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Let’s find a Cake to take Centre Stage, with gasps of delight from your guests as they see and taste this yummy show  stopper!

I have two in mind, one I have just discovered recently and the other from a recipe book I have recently purchased, after my wonderful high tea cooking evening!

I don’t know what always draws me to sponge and fresh cream and berries, but I  have just always loved  the combined flavours and taste.

The sweetness and texture of the sponge, the coolness and richness of the freshly whipped cream and the taste and bite of fresh berries, adding a little sweetness and a little tartness!  


I hope you do as well.

Have you heard of;   Berry Chantilly Cake?

Well I have, but only recently, this cake is famous all across America, but especially famous in Louisiana. New Orleans.  The Creator of this sumptuous cake is a lady  named, Chaya Conrad, from Bywater Cafe. Now she creates different varieties of this cake, chocolate, lemon, passion fruit and coconut!

And, most importantly, she loves to share her recipe and delights in people  baking, decorating and eating her  fabulous creation!


Here is her video, putting together this scrumptious, rich, delicious cake, definitely a show stopper!

Too high do you think, well this glorious cake has three layers of sponge with three layers of fruit and  three delicious cream cheese and marscapone and cream filling!  Two layers  would be lovely as well and then possibly make two cakes!      Mmmm….

My second cake,  also to me looks like a definite show stopper,  is from the  Patisserie Chef,   Eric Lanlard and his book;

‘ Eric Lanlard ‘s, Afternoon Tea’ 

First book off the rank in my Amazon selections, mainly because I bought it and love it!

I have added more  of his books, because he is an amazing  patisserie Chef.  On  the  cover of this wonderful book, is this gorgeous cake,  don’t you think, another gasp moment!    Recipe  within!   Have a look !

The cake looks a little like a beautiful hat from the 50’s/60’s  don’t you think?(Those beautiful elegant models with the classic  coats and jackets,  stilettos and gorgeous wide brimmed floral hats!  ).

Well ,  it is  called the,  ‘strawberry ombré cake’.   Ombré meaning subtle changing of colour,  light to dark or visa versa.

The cake  has the lovely lightness of sponge filled with layers of cream and strawberry preserves and a cream cheese frosting, with these beautiful piped swirls of roses.    Mmmm lovely.

The book is a delight, with many wonderful and most importantly,  not difficult recipes. All recipes mentioned in his afternoon tea menus are in the book,  plus so much more.

What  I really love is,  at the beginning of the book,  Eric has dedicated two pages to creating;  Afternoon Tea Menus and has chosen a Tea to enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of each Menu. 

For example:

Mother’s Day, is  next weekend here in Australia, so:

Mother’s Day Menu is;

Brie and Red Onion marmalade Gruyere eclairs

Classic  buttermilk scones

Light Italian fruit cake

Strawberry ombré  cake

‘and serve with a sweet and fruity red berry herbal tea or hibiscus infusion’

Mmmm.. wonderful and there are six menus that he has created,

the other five;

Alfresco Summer Picnic

Autumn Comfort

Sweet Valentine

Arabian Dream


All accompanied by his choices of teas to enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of your Afternoon Tea!


To the Pleasure of Tea!

Oops, just had to add these selections, wow, just wow!,


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