About Michele

About Me and My Tea.

How would I manage without my first cup of tea in the morning!.

It just doesn’t bear thinking about!

Sometimes I go to bed thinking about my cup of tea on waking and well, Mmmm……. what shall I have with it!

I know l feel so much better after I have sipped and enjoyed my first cup, (mug) of this beautiful brew. It replenishes me, makes me feel whole again and if I over indulge, (God forbid!) Well I am renewed with two cups of tea and a poached egg on toast. Yum!.


My love of tea goes back to my Mum and Dad and so often this is the case, don’t you agree? Isn’t  it the same with all of us! We inherit a love of things, that really when we think about it, have been a part of our childhood, our growing up, without even consciously realizing it and this relates also to our taste in foods and drinks.

Mum was never a great cook, I believe she never actually liked cooking, but she was very aware of giving us healthy, if not quite plain food and of course when we were considered old enough, tea. Now I wonder what we did before we were offered tea, well I shall have to ask my Big Sister! Water, of course, milk, yes, I always loved a big glass of cold milk and a couple of granita biscuits, with cold butter on them as an  after school treat!

After school treat!

But oh, hang on, Mum was into fruit drinks, came in a can way back then, no sugar added! Her favourite was pineapple, I can still taste it, cold and with ice!

Gosh did we love getting to Nana’s house and having Fanta!

My Website is about the history of tea, the rituals of tea, now and in the past, the varieties of tea, the benefits of tea, recipes with tea and just the pure love of a good cup of tea, enjoyed in good company and the love of a beautiful cup, full of this very special liquid to enjoy it from.

I hope you enjoy my Website and my journey about, ‘all about tea’!

I welcome your feed back and will delight in your shared memories, your experiences and your love of tea.

To the Pleasure of Tea!




22 Replies to “About Michele”

  1. Just the way you think about your morning tea before going to bed, that is the exact thing I also do. It is one activity I enjoy performing every morning and any day I miss my morning, it sought of affects my day because it has become kind of a habit. 

    I love everything about tea and I also love reading about it. I look forward to reading your post on the subject Tea.

    1. Hi Jay,

      A kindred spirit!
        Thank you, yes I love my first cuppa, more than any other cup I then have throughout the day. My first cup, must be strong and milky and hot! 

      Thank you for your comments


  2. You’re love of tea is my love and we would totally have the best tea parties! My grandmother started me out with tea by making it from scratch on the stove and letting it simmer in the sun. From then on I have been wanting to learn more tea rituals you speak of.

    I have a cup of tea when I wake up, when I read, and just overall relaxing. My favorites are celestial, chamomile,and green teas 

    Keep rocking with the tea Michele!

  3. You sound very passionate about tea. My Dad was a tea drinker. He experienced with different types of teas. My Mom wasn’t into cooking at all. Sounds like you had my childhood. Those days were the days where my Dad would make tea and we would all sit around to enjoy our tea and cookies. Love your post about you. 

    1. Thanks Jagi,

      Yes so many memories and so many of them include  sitting and enjoying a cup of tea, with friends and loved ones!  Well worth treasuring aren’t they! 


  4. For the first time i am meeting someone who loves tea. For most people it is coffee, there is a coffee culture all around us, Tea however have been proven to be healthier than coffee many many times so I wonder why there is ao much buzz about coffee and not tea, could be because it keeps one awake and aleart at work place.

      Looking forward to more articles about tea from your website.

    1. Thank you Zuchii,

      I love my tea and really it is just so refreshing isn’t it? I enjoy an occasional cup of coffee, but to me it doesn’t quench the thirst, does it?

      Yes much more to come, I am enjoying the research into tea!


  5. In middle east, people are alway drink tea, but they have different ways to prepare the tea. some of them used the raw tea and boiled within teapot with huge amount of sugar and you can imagine that tea become nearly SWEAT!  others, just add raw tea to boiled water and then add sugar or honey, and others used branded tea such as Libton. I love tea with mint or cinnamon especially in the winter, it warms me up. I liked your way to present your thoughts.

    1. Thank you Safiaram,

      I am very interested in all the ways people, countries, across the world prepare and drink their tea

      Thanks for your thoughts


  6. Wow! Excellent information and same interest match on tea. I don’t have a habit of taking coffee but there is not a single day without taking tea. I also like it in different combination of making it. I believe most people also like it. Black tea with zinger and other useful natural herbs is my favorite drinking tea. I am going to share this article with my family member also. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your Welcome, mzakapon,

      I am enjoying the research into my favourite beverage, enjoying the sipping of my tea as I research!


  7. I love tea! Loose leaf tea is more fun to make as I try to mix different blends. My friends introduced me to tea and coffee, and I do drink both. Coffee is preferred in the morning and tea in the evening – accompanied by a good read.  I love sipping tea on cold winter nights. While in the mall I always pass by Teavana just to get a quick sip.  As a tech lover I enjoy discovering innovative tumblers and tea accessories.

    Prior to my introduction into the wonderful world of tea I only knew about Green Tea and Black Tea.  My tea journey is new and I’d love to learn about the benefits of different tea’s as well as their origins.

    1. Thanks Shantell,

      Yes, there are so many wonderful teas and blends out there and Tea Shops specialising it just Teas and all the beautiful accessories! Well I never want to leave!


  8. I totally relate with your article. Although I’m a coffee person in the morning, I do enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon. My cup of tea in the afternoon brings back memories. My mom passed away just over 20 years ago and each time I have my tea in the afternoon it brings back that feeling of having tea with Mom. It was our thing to do! I hope that I can continue the tradition with my daughter! 

    Looking forward to hearing more about the history of teas!



    1. Thanks Eliza,

      Yes I have many happy memories of seeing Mum and Dad and always the offer of a cuppa. I miss those days and sometimes I wish I had Mum here, to sit with her and talk and enjoy each others company, just  once more!


  9. I love it when some shares a little background and history behind one of their favorite things!  Thanks so much for letting us in a little bit.  It totally reminds me of coming home to Grandma’s house everyday after school and she would undoubtedly have a pot of tea brewing for herself while I had milk and an afternoon snack!

    Is there a type of tea that you prefer or have sentimental attachments to because of your past? My grandma would always have this loose leaf jasmine tea, so whenever I smell it anywhere it reminds me of her 😊

    1. Hi Micah

      Mum would make pots of tea, loose leaf, She usually bought a brand called Amgoorie, or Bushells, I actually don’t see these brands around much now, especially the Amgoorie blend, so  something more to look into, love it!

      I guess, myself I have always preferred, Twinings, Teas, mainly because of the varieties.Chamolie definitely, to help me sleep, peppermint to refresh and soothe,lemon, yum! It just goes on!

      Thank you for your comments and your slice of memories!


  10. Same here! I can’t do without my tea daily, even when I got to the boarding house, my tea used to be my favorite. You have taken a big step towards choosing a good niche on tea. It will set you different and unique from all other contents online. Great idea and I wish you all the best. Coupled with the nice pictures you included. Kudos

    Have a nice day

    1. Thank you Salim, for your comments!

      Well I’m certainly having fun and enjoying my Website. The learning curve is amazing and I am becoming a little more adept  as I grow my site!

      Love it!


  11. I’m definitely a tea person too, I’m drinking some black tea with ginger and cinnamon right now. What kind of tea is your favorite? I started drinking tea because I live in a cold climate area and need something to warm me up in the morning, I also like how it freshens my breath. I don’t like coffee because my body doesn’t react well to too much caffeine, so tea is the perfect option for me. I also drink tea throughout the day as well, I probably go through 3-4 cups of tea per day. 

    1. Hi Kent,Thanks for the comments,  sharing your enjoyment of Tea. I love my strong hot cuppas and also  when I’m off to work for a night shift,  I really enjoy just peppermint tea in cold water. That also refreshes the mouth and just tastes  delicious!


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