All Things Alice – Our Alice in Wonderland

Well,  I think I have become quite besotted, with our Alice and ;

‘Alice in Wonderland’   (1865)  and of course the Author;  Lewis Carroll and his sequel;   ‘Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.’   (1872)

What remains the most significant memory of  mine of the books of Lewis Carroll and Alice?    To me,  it will always be ‘the Mad Hatters Tea Party’!

These  amazing,  characters and wonderful  tales of Alice down the rabbit hole and the wonderful adventures  she encounters.

These beautiful books  are available to us and also  the gorgeous array of merchandise available for us to celebrate with and enjoy  and  to remind us of  the  amazing,  inventive,  gifted,  imagination,  of the Author.

Lewis Carroll !

Beautiful books, beautiful things, that can actually fuel our pleasure, our delight and  our imaginations as well.

If we let them!       Mmmm… well, yes let’s let them, why not!!?

Whittard, Chelsea,  have the most  amazing  merchandise , all about our Alice!

Lewis Carroll,  was born in  1832  in the parish of Daresbury, Cheshire and died in  1898 , his given name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgeson.

He was the third child of eleven,  born to  Charles Dodgeson, Archdeacon  and his wife Frances, and from what I have read,  (references at end of post),  in a nurturing quiet environment.

Also from what I have read, he seemed to enjoy, nature and imaginings;  the  possible, imagined lives of the creatures in the gardens,  in the fields, well everywhere.

He was an extremely clever man, not only an author but a mathematician, photographer and a church deacon,  although  especially famous for his books about Alice,  he was  a proliferate writer and a poet.

Lewis Carroll in 1855
( source of photo,Wikipedia)

Many of us in our childhood wondered about the animals, birds, insects that lived or visited our gardens. Did we  imagine and enjoy imagining their lives?

Did we hope to find the toadstool and the ring  of flowers where the fairies had gathered the night before?  Did we enjoy imagining and  then hoping/ believing,  (just a itsy bit! )  that some of it was true?

Well, yes, we did,  Of course we did,   I did!

We spent our childhood  living imaginary lives, escaping into our books, our comics,  our toys, our dolls, our swords,  our love of interacting and playing, whatever captured,  our imagination!

Games we would play with our friends  in the neighbourhood,  imagined scenarios , tree houses,  hide and seek places,  river swimming holes,  swimming in the sea, our glorious sea and  white beaches,  digging and playing and sand castles, laughing, sharing secrets and  then as the night falls:

Our  real life enveloping us, dragging us back to a yummy tea and  bed,

so the  end of our adventurous day!

Well, let’s talk more about Alice!

The illustrations in;  ‘Alice in Wonderland ‘and the Sequel;  ‘Through the Looking Glass  and what Alice Found There’, were created by John Tenniel, he was an English Illustrator and  a principal, political  cartoonist for the Punch magazine for fifty years. (Wikipedia).

These gorgeous illustrations can be found on lots of merchandise,   beautiful fine china teapots, cups and mugs, tea caddies, of course  our precious Tea and much more!     They are whimsical and quirky and so much fun.
To be enjoyed at a tea party,  a garden party,  a fair,  wherever your imagination would like to take you!

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Wherever your imagination takes you!

I have found these glorious Kettles and with the checks it so reminds me of Alice. what do you think!?



Have a look at this, I just love it, what does it remind you of;



Mmm… wonderful, reminds me of Alice, what do you think.

This  picture has been taken from the magazine;

Landscape.   Sept/Oct 2017

Beautiful, the magazine  tells you just how to create  this beautiful  table centre piece, or just perhaps,  a decorative influence in your home.   Old bottles, sheet music, old letters, keys, watches, beautiful,  decorative and most importantly,  memorable pieces.

These beautiful decorative bottles could play centre stage on your table  in your themed celebration of ‘all things Alice’, for your child’s Birthday Party, Garden Party, etc.

Mmm …..

To the Pleasure of Tea  and  Indulging in Whimsical Dreams and Memories!

(Resources; Wikipedia.)


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