Are You a Teabag?

Well, I hope you are!

Mmmmm…. there is nothing more complimentary than being told you are a Tea Bag”.

Well that is my quote!

I am setting up a website;           Title: 

To the Society and Well Being of all Human Tea Bags.”

Have you heard this quote:

A Woman is like a tea bag- you don’t know how strong she is until you put her in hot water’.

Wonderful!     Eleanor Roosevelt  of course !

But apparently also  spoken by Nancy Reagon!   So really no known source of this rather wonderful quote.

i have another which took my fancy:I

“It is said that a wise man who stands firm is a statesman, and a foolish man  who stands firm is a catastrophe.”
Mmmmm… well who is going to inform the foolish man he is wrong!.
“I believe it is the duty of each of us to act as if the fate of the world depended on him. Admittedly, one man by himself cannot do the job. However, one man can make a difference”.
Mmmm… wonderful quotes, both from:
Hyman G Rickover. United States Admiral. (1900- 1986)
Great quotes.
But, also, Hyman, is  noted for  uttering  the quote, “a woman is like a tea bag…..’. Etc.
But  I couldn’t find a reference to this, but he has many other exceptional quotes to his name, one I believe is;
”Voltaire once said: “Not to be occupied and not to exist are one and the same thing for a man.”
With those few words he captured the essence of a purpose in life:   to work, to create, to excel, and to be concerned about the world and its affairs.”
Another quote from Hyman G Rickover.
Mmmmm… I like this.
Oh dear and this  is all due to my search to find the origins of;  “ a woman is like a teabag….”!
Of course, it’s all relevant to my website and our perfect cup of tea!
Can you see the meaning of this quote, more recently, of course,  attributed  to Eleanor Roosevelt?
I definitely can, but I don’t mean to push out the wonderful male attributes, which of course are many and wonderful.
But  women can be just like this, ( these wonderful synonyms)  quiet, stoic, resilient and when tested can be ferocious in defending their families, friends and loved ones. Also never forget the causes they aspire to,  their ethics,  their discipline, their inner beings that demand  that truth be outed and dealt with.
Eleanor Roosevelt from everything I have read is just an amazing  human being.
Would I say Strong  and Gutsy, definitely!
And definitely a teabag! 
Mmmm…. well there must be many human tea bags out there!
I am on the search for more!
I read something recently, it was an article from a free online magazine, an amazing magazine called:
                                                 The Good Life France
Editor and I believe Creator of this amazing online magazine,  is Janine Marsh.
Well, this article is about, Leonardo Di Vinci, he died, May, 2nd,   1519 and lived the last years of his life at the Chateau du Clos  Lucé, under the patronage of King Francis I ,  of France.
The King invited him here and he took up residence in 1516, here he completed the most famous painting of all time, the Mona Lisa.
In one of his diaries/ journals,  during this time, he wrote: that anyone of an older age… should only have one glass of wine a day and should become vegetarian!
Really?    I am amazed and  why,  well, because so much wisdom coming from a man, born In the 15th Century, is amazingly wonderfull,  well he was amazing anyway, but about stuff like vegetarianism and  too much alcohol!?
And I thought, we, our generation,  were the new age of healthy!!
But, his brilliance, vision,  intelligence,  a painter, musician, poet, engineer, 
botanist, gosh the list can go on and on, was and is  and continues to be, stunning!
Well, what are we !
Hopefully a Tea Bag!
Ready to be Forever:
Strong, Robust, Compelling, Reassuring and Comforting.
All Of above,  relates to a Good Cup of Tea  and To the Strength of the Women who drink it!
To the Pleasure of  Tea!


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