Delicate and Dainty versus Rustic and Rough

Delicate and Dainty versus Rustic and Rough

Let’s leave our sipping from delicate, dainty cups  and the  endless enjoyment of our delicious sandwiches,  cakes, pastries…..mmm.. ..all those yummy delights with our tea  and let’s  see!

How about Our Tea:     Our Tea on an open Fire!!

And so the billy boiled!!

Experienced it? Liked  it? Loved it?

No  definitely not  loved it!

In my youth ( mm.. primary school!)  I was a Girl Guide and well,  we had camping  excursions,  learning and gaining, those most  prestigious and much sought after badges, that we would then religiously sew onto our uniform.

And of course we would enjoy evenings around a campfire, enjoying the blaze, the heat,  the company, the enjoyment of being outside, under our beautiful  Southern Aussie sky,  our voices singing out the campfire songs, blending with the sound of the crickets and the frogs, such an indelible memory and the joy  of  just being part of the  great  Australian bush.

Who am I kidding, I hated roughing it!

Just give me the tea and biscuits!

Of course you had to watch out for the ants and especially bull ants, wow,  could they  give you a good pinch, always good to get inside and shake out the  swag, a vigorous shake just in case…..!

No, not under the starry night skies for me!!

Oops and don’t forget the flies and spiders, snakes and mice and lizards

and ..and…!!

Typically with the tea freshly brewed from the campfire,  the best way to drink it was from a tin  or enamel mug, forget the china here,  good chance it would be broken before you got to enjoy that first brew of billy tea.

But I have found some glorious  kettles and  other kitchen/ dining ware, that just might survive the bush  and lend some elegance to the adventure as well !

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Black is pretty good, especially if the weather is cool, but add that milk if you can and perhaps sugar to give you that energy boost to tackle that planned hike in pursuit of yet  another  prestigious badge!

Well tongue in cheek, but all so true!

So billy tea conjures up visions of the long ago outback Aussie explorers , our swagmen, tramping through the bush with their swags,  billy cans  and metal cups clunking away, attached to their  belts or swags.

Made famous by Banjo Patterson, in the song, Waltzing Matilda‘, (composed, 1895).

“…🎶🎶🎶🎶..and he sang as he watched and waited till his billy boiled, you’ll come awaltzing Matilda with me….🎶🎶🎶🎶….”

So ‘billy’, where did that term come from, well two thoughts;

Not  to waste anything way back then,  everything was repurposed,  so a used tin containing whatever, possibly bully, (close to billy) beef,  became a vessel to boil your water in over the campfire.

The other thought, ( which to me, seems to make more sense), comes from the Aboriginal term, ‘ billabong ‘, also made famous in Banjo’s song, ‘Waltzing Matilda’

“….🎶🎶🎶…Camped by a billabong under the shade of a coolabah tree…🎶🎶🎶🎶....”

I have done some research and you may like to visit a website called:


Here you will find Australian  Billy Tea and also another called Australian Eucalyptus Tea and more!  I am not an Affiliate of this Company,  but  I would like to find teas that are grown and blended in Australia,  so for anyone that may enjoy a real Aussie brew, hopefully each of you can enjoy the best that Australia offers.

Mmm… worth a try? Love  your feed back as to;  taste delivered,  enjoyment delivered,  have it again!?

These days in our beautiful  land of Aus and I am sure many other countries across the world are the same, that open fires are such a no, no.

During our summers here, our country  is dry and can become a tinder box, so open fires are banned.

So flasks of hot water  brought from home are a great option.  Make  your tea  on arrival, at your favourite picnic spot, never before, please!,  as your cup of tea becomes absolutely stewed and bitter and really just very unpleasant. 

Picnic Days!

These days when we sallie forth on a picnic, we head to the river or the sea, (water! ),  the absolute best place to be!  A shady spot under a tree, the pleasure of a gentle  balmy, breeze brushing  against your face, ruffling your hair,  as you gaze out across the water at the skyline beyond.  The  boats, the kayaks, the surf boards, people enjoying themselves and the tinkle of laughter and low voices;  mmmm… nothing better! 

(Goodness I’ve become a poet!)

 As long as you’ve visualised the scene in your mind, that’s what matters, drift away!

  Spread that picnic blanket and indulge and enjoy the beautiful picnic packed in our basket!

Close  to Heaven don’t you think,  remember that citronella,  keep those bugs away, then it IS  Heaven!

Have a look at the picnic basket, below.  I wanted to find one that had a flask and mugs, so that we can enjoy not only a glorious picnic with wine,  so many baskets  come with wine glasses, but not the mugs as well and so very  much needed  for our wonderful hot cuppa!     With some extras, all needed for that wonderful day under a shady tree!

Have you ever tried damper?  It’s like a monstrous scone, really half bread, half scone, delicious with butter, real butter please and buttered warmed or still warm from baking and of course , your beautiful cup of Tea!

Recipe in my Recipe Section, of course!

To the Pleasure of Tea and the enjoyment of our cup of Tea beneath a shady tree!!


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10 Replies to “Delicate and Dainty versus Rustic and Rough”

  1. Hi Michele, This post is close to my heart right now as I travel the east coast of Oz In my van… or bus if you like. I’m reading your post with daily first-hand experience…There are still some opportunities to boil the billy and what a special way to start the day with a cuppa and some slightly burnt toast over a fire with butter and some vegemite. Glorious!

    Way to go Shell


    1. Hi Paul,

      Hey, your roughing it a little, sounds like a lot to me! 

       Vegemite, mmmm.. .love it, the only time I really don’t mind burnt toast is the one cooked on an open fire and yes everything tastes so much more delicious with butter, burnt or not!

      Thanks for the comments, stay safe in our wonderful world of Aus and enjoy!


  2. I absolutely love what I read in this iinsightful and wonderful article because it is full of great information. 

    This is fascinating and interesting to me. Your  article made me remember the old school days when we sang and danced  around the fire. 

    I love sipping tea, it’s serves as a pain reliever to me when ever I am stressed.

    I will be making a purchase through your blog link soon. Best regards 

    1. Hi Adam,

      Thank you for your thoughts and I am glad that sipping on  a cup of tea helps you to relax and de stress.

      My post was a little  about and perhaps flippantly about,  ‘reflections’,  about my journey through life.

      Perhaps  looking at my past through the window of me, being me now  and all through my life the  constant presence and essence of  ‘well let’s sit down and have a cup of tea and have a chat!’

      It just opened so many ways to converse and relax and confide.

       So important.  Yes!??


  3. I really appreciate this article, it makes me also think about my life growing up as a child, playing with my peers thinking we will never leave one another…challenges, about what has worked for me and what hasn’t, where I achieve success and failure etc. But here I am today still waxing as well. I love this article. Meanwhile I will try to as well have a taste of Aussie Billy tea. I have heard how nice it is from a friend. Thanks this article. 

    1. Hi Fortune,

      Thanks for your comments, enjoy your Australian Billy Tea!

      Just one thing what is ‘waxing’, it has me totally stumped!


  4. Sing a song that brings the bird along

    Give my cup and keep some for refilling.

    Enjoy the morning sun looking at the horizon sweeping the dreamy eyes

    Give my cup and keep some for refilling.

     Look at the shiny sun

    Do not stay long to get a burn.

    hey, never forget your evening campfire but take good care not to be a tinder

    I need my filled teacup to sip some.

    Lovely blog and it made me think of camping now. I carry my condensed milk along with a tea that I enjoy. Brew it on a campfire and no less

    Maybe this time the camping group tries “Billy” from Australia.

    Loved the write-up. Thanks, dear for the share.

    1. Hi Anusuya,

      Mmmm…. another poet! Good on you. We have many ways  and places to enjoy our Tea, wherever we are, it revives and restores.  A barbecue, the beach, the river, the park, wherever we are with friends, family or just sipping  a cup in solitude, watching the world go by!


  5. I was expecting a review kind of blog telling how this tea tastes,  but to my pleasant surprise it starts with a campfire and heating up the water to  make a cup of tea in a tin etc. 

    I love it as it was making me wanna try the tea and go camping,  or have a day in nature and then it’s finishing with a picnic,  plus a picnic basket! 

    You make me feel I was there,  sipping the tea and I am  totally curious how this tea will  taste when I drink it at home.


    1. Thanks Tommy,

      It’s just me reminiscing and sharing my memories and talking about my  life’s journey and Tea!

      Thank you for your comments


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