Hosting your own High Tea


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Visual sights that delight the eye, while sipping our Tea


Hosting your own Special High Tea!

It can be a very grand affair, or a beautiful garden affair, a High Tea can be whatever you wish yours to be, let your imagination and your creativity  carry you away!

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These  are ornate and  so beautifully  vintage and so especially English, adding  more elegance to your already  special High Tea,  amidst the beautiful flowers and  yummy  displays of delectable delights.

Perhaps a botanical  theme, cups full of butterflies amongst the flowers adorning your tables!     And more !

Of course delicious teas are paramount, but so are the wonderful delectable morsels you have baked also paramount, with a couple of show stoppers included!


The delights of a Cooking Class!

I have a very special Niece and this  last Christmas she gifted her Mum, my  Sister,  a gift,  a wonderful gift of two tickets to a ;

A High Tea Cooking Class!

Mmmm… fantastic,  well  Sisters together ventured  forth!!

It was a three hour cooking class about hosting a High Tea and the fabulous recipes that can be made and eaten and enjoyed at your own very special,  High Tea!

We were  greeted with a flute of champagne on arrival,   ten participants altogether and then we  sallied forth  into the deeper depths of the chefs kitchen!

Bit of the dramatics here!

We were invited to sit around on rather high chairs behind those amazing steel preparation benches. Tea was offered, I chose Lemon and Ginger, my sister English Breakfast. Yum!

The Menu for our High Tea,

  with recipes included for us to take home,  began with, well of course, cucumber sandwiches , these were made in front of us, commencing with lovely soft fresh white bread, one side lightly buttered, the other  mayonnaise, with the added touch of dill,  cucumbers sliced with a mandolin and laid on one side of the bread, slices joined, crusts cut off and then sliced into three,  length ways.

Presented to us on Silver trays, delightful.   Most important to have delicious freshly baked  sliced bread.  Brown bread would also be yummy and rye, I love a slice of rye bread. A combination of a variety of breads with different fillings, presented on a long plate, just looks wonderful and so inviting to eat!

You know from my other posts I have talked about  picnics, a picnic for us, under a shady tree and the picnics and enjoyment of tea,  with  the characters in our childhood books.

Well our sweet chef told us a great tip.  If you are travelling to a great picnic spot out doors and taking your cucumber sandwiches with you, wrap them well, which of course we do!   But to keep them from drying out, just lightly spray your plastic wrap inside before you place your sandwiches on it, with a little water!  Great tip!   Don’t be heavy handed! A slight mist should do the trick!

Savoury Tarts!    And Jam  Tarts!

She followed the cucumber sandwiches with the most yummy jam tarts, quite small, a mouthful, but delicious, the pastry very rich  (with butter) and just wonderful. This she followed with  savoury tarts,  one of which was a blind bake the other three same pastry but pre baked and all with different fillings.

Caramellised onion was used as a great base  for some and  then different fillings on top. Pumpkin, goats cheese, pan fried capsicum, asparagus, mushrooms, olives, a great assortment.

I came away knowing that a good home made pastry is definitely the only way to go. To me the pastry absolutely made the tarts so delicious!

Then onto  cream puffs  and single serve pavlovas, both delicious,  cream puffs filled with creme  patisserie  or chocolate ganache, both thick and creamy, with the chocolate ganache tasting like a soft  chocolate mousse!

On top of each piped mound of choux pastry, our chef places a very thin layer, cut to whatever shape you like,  on top, this is sugar biscuit dough. It is added to give a different texture, crunch,  to the puff,  some with and some without.

Pavlovas , little mounds, soft and yummy, insides like marshmallows, topped with cream and passion fruit curd and slices of peach, strawberry and kiwi fruit.

Mmm… strawberries  and raspberries and cream and sponge cake  absolute decadence!,    Mmmm….









Well we rolled out of our High Tea cooking class, totally sated with so much delicious  mouth watering bites.

Home to bed, definitely inspired to cook and create and indulge and share around a table with lots of cups of tea!

To the Pleasure of Tea and the enjoyment of  creating your very own High Tea!


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