How do We Drink our Tea

Do we;

 Slurp, Sip, or guzzle.

Mmm… depends how desperate I am for that delicious resuscitating cup of tea!

Is my tongue hanging out for  sustenance, or did I just covertly, surreptitiously, have a cuppa before venturing out… well to what!?

An afternoon tea party!  Mmm.. tea in the  garden!  Cuppa in a cafe!  Perhaps a high tea gathering!

Well goodness,  I really need to present myself well, yes well and not be falling all  over myself and everyone else to just get to my cup of tea!

Exaggerating?!      Never!




The drinking of tea throughout the centuries, have brought people together, to drink, eat and talk. Enjoy each other’s company in surroundings made so much  better just through the enjoyment and love of a good cup of tea and beautiful food!

Of course the same can be said of tripping off down to the pub, where on partaking of your favourite brew:  a glorious, enlightened, warm feeling of everything being wonderful in the world imbues!  A rosy glow that lasts, well,  until we become undone and feel rather unwell!

If of course and only if,  we have just drunk,  just that little too much!

So well, of course!  A cup of tea is very much on the agenda the following morning, strong and milky,  just makes you feel alive again!

I tend to slurp or even guzzle , when I am drinking from a lovely mug of tea, that I have  just allowed to cool ever so slightly.   Lovely  with my toast, topped with a poached egg, or avocado and tomato,   mmm…. bacon,   yum and lots of pepper!

Well where am I going here with;  how  do we drink our tea?

Again it depends.

How long ago was our last cuppa?

How long have we contained the need for the love of another cuppa?

Have we been forced to contain our need for a cuppa, while eyeing off delectable delights to enjoy, with our beautiful cup of tea?  Mmmm…cakes, pastries, delectable triangles of cucumber sandwiches!

(I have yet to try The  Ritz’s, Palm Court, cucumber sandwiches)!

Is it the need or the occasion that controls our desire, or urge,  to, slurp, sip, or guzzle ?

To me, there are so many beautiful pieces, and collections of china  available for every occasion and the desire of every person to enjoy and  get the best experience of not just the taste of the brew, but the added pleasure and enjoyment of the vessel,  it is presented in!

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I have always felt and perhaps savoured more,  the tea I have sipped from a delightful, delicate, fine china tea cup. Why?

I cannot tell you, but it is not the one I have  first thing in the morning.

This cup, no, must be a mug,  is my most robust cuppa of my day, but still I am drawn to the beauty and delicacy of a, well just a lovely piece of china in the shape of my much needed mug and they are gorgeous these days, these beautiful delicate mugs.

As the day passes, I love my tea sipped from a fine china tea cup,  perhaps the thinness of the china adds something to the tea, or is that just me!

These  are particularly gorgeous,  just the most perfect vessel to enjoy our drop of tea in the morning!

Oops, no, not a drop of tea!  A big mug of tea in the morning, still snuggled in bed, relaxing and contemplating the day ahead!

I believe, with  our eyes feasting on the splendour of beautiful cups, teapots and cake stands, the setting in front of us,  elevates our desire  and feelings of well being  while we drink and enjoy  our wonderous brew of the tea.

Do you agree?

Nothing will ever diminish this  beautiful brew of ours. The presentation only enhances the enjoyment and pleasure that comes from the love and sharing of our pot of tea!

To the Pleasure of Tea and Beautiful  Porcelain !



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