I am an Affiliate

I am an Affiliate.

One  day perhaps a Wealthy Affiliate, play on words there and perhaps we shall explore that later.

What is an Affiliate?

A person who becomes an associate of various Companies,  Retailers etc. and  through a love of,  a knowledge  of  the  products that they sell,  that person/ persons, can promote these products and the seller then  pays them a commission on sales generated by them!

Find your Niche or Many Niches!

We all have opinions on most things, ‘ I tried that  and it was great, or no I didn’t feel that worked,  perhaps it needs this or……..’!

I love to write, I love to talk, discuss, explore and create, and while I enjoy my passions,  I feel it becomes a work of art when you  can create a website full of what you/I  love,  well there you are,  so  why not earn an income at the same time!

Create a Website.     ( My First Link, to a possibly Exceptional Life)

Here is an opportunity to just have a go, two free websites in this Starter Package, within Wealthy Affiliate.  With a  hands on approach,  the absolute, best way to learn and grow a phenomenal online presence!

And the Starter Package!! Well of course it’s FREE!  Put that Credit Card away!!

To Create a Website because you want to Share;  what?….  well,  everything, your love, your skills, your knowledge,  so what do you do?!   Well,  you  have your own  experience and knowledge, but you can add to this,  research,  by reading, looking, watching  ( mm…. documentaries, movies, history, etc…)

Researching on the Internet  is so much fun, especially if you love beautiful, visual sights of gardens, art, architecture,  fashion, recipes, life styles,  old stuff, new stuff,  goodness it goes on and on!  And guess what,  your knowledge and skills grow!   Example; I am tinkering with photography, so when  I can’t find what appeals to me and what I would like to display on my website, well I can create my own!

And right there I have  created  another niche with the potential to create an income, while writing about my latest experiences, learning a new craft,  new skills,  how I started, what I created, where did I go to learn all I could about,  photography and  then sharing my knowledge!

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn commissions on purchases made through links in this post.


Enjoy your new Career, your online Marketing Journey.

You can become a:

Social Media  Influencer,

 because of:

You are an expert, a wealth of knowledge  due to your experiences in your life. How you live, survive, try and conquer, it’s all there for you to share with the world, so the world can learn from you and take comfort from the fact that you have done it, tried  it and survived it.

Perhaps you are just like me and you love a great cup of tea, a slice of cake, a catch up with friends, maybe it’s coffee for you, maybe it’s a love of knitting, sewing, music, golf, fishing,  bike riding, books,  who doesn’t love a great book?!   Share your loves, your skills and become an Affiliate and what you use each day,  what you do everyday that makes your life easier, more enjoyable, well,  promote  it online and  create an income!

So, on my website there will be links to products  that I have used,  found useful,  that  I have  loved , enjoyed,  learnt  new skills through  and I wish to write about them   and  share  them with you.

This wonderful opportunity is free for as long as you want it to be!   The exceptional knowledge and tools  available for growing your internet and computer skills is just phenomenal !

Have you ever just wanted to have better technical skills to communicate with, to do just fancy stuff on your computer, well it’s all here and for free and it has so much more to offer, what an amazing learning space this is!

So,  to my opening line above:

here  below, is my second link. 

The Wealthy Affiliate University.

I am enjoying my journey learning all about tea and writing about it, but to do this, I had to start building my little window to the world and because I am pretty useless at all things ‘tech’, I found this little treasure in the form of ‘Wealthy Affiliate.’

Well, sit down with a beautiful cup of tea and have a look!!



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(If you click on this link and like what you see and down the track decide to become  a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. At no extra cost to you, I shall receive a commission.)

22 Replies to “I am an Affiliate”

  1. Hello Michele!

    I am too an affiliate and I do exactly what you wrote. I love to share opinions and discuss topics with my friends in real life. Now I can too with my own domain. I also wrote a short poetry novel in college. 

    The art of getting better at writing and taking my time with it has been my goal. Being an affiliate has really helped me in so many ways. Researching is now fun again! I drink my tea and just create away. 

    I am so glad to hear others share the same experiences.

    Bye for now


    1. Thanks Kira,

      It seems you and I have the gift of ‘the gab’, vocally,  but also on paper!   Is that an Aussie term? Not sure, but it means, we love to chat about all things and it’s so great that we convert it easily to paper! 

      Thank you for your comments


  2. Great explanation on being an affiliate. I love how you say I’m an affiliate. Basically saying you are proud of what you do. Your tea journey sounds pretty interesting. How do know where to source out the tea you are promoting? I love tea as well and am always looking for good places to order tea. 

    1. Jagi, thank you,

      Yes we should be proud of what we are trying to accomplish. We all look for a way forward, financially and found a great learning place  instead of floundering around out there, filled with desperation and despair when with our hearts on our sleeves, nothing seemed to work. With the tools available,  we can enjoy,  create and earn and take pleasure in our discoveries,  our delight, our new  knowledge, and well there you go, all,of a sudden it becomes fun!

      And yes much more research into all the beautiful teas out there, at the moment I favour, Yorkshire Tea and Twinings, for my beautiful strong tea, especially my first cuppa!


  3. Hi, Michele, I think you have a good idea of what an affiliate is, which is nothing more than the person who must develop a content for what he is capable of doing, for what he is capable of feeling, for what he is capable of develop, for what is able to investigate, etc; This criterion logically you develop it better when you are sitting meditating what you may be able to develop in the best Online University as is Wealthy Affiliate and enjoying a good Tea.I wish you Success in your journey.

    Greetings and Good Luck,


    1. Thank you,

      Yes, it always comes from the heart, Aldo, the inner person and yes, believe in what you promote and write about, love what you discuss and talk about and hey!  yes, always have time for that special  cuppa!  There you are!


  4. This is a great article! I think that it is great that you are inspiring other people to become affiliates because of the potential it has to improve their lives. Being an Affiliate is great because you can help people find things they are looking for b referring them to the best deals possible.

    It is great because you also get paid a percentage by the company selling the items for your role in helping them. It is actually a great way to make money honestly.

    Thanks for sharing this great information!

    1. Hi Renton and thank you

      So many people across the world, really,  just love to write, convey stories, talk about their day to day lives and it is just amazing that we can reach across the world and engage and share and grow!

      I love it!

      Thank you


  5. Yep, I agree with you..it is the Pleasure of Tea.

    I liked your recipe about iced tea but I replaced the sugar with natural honey. Now, it is summer in Australia and I enjoy the iced tea too. so is there any special brands of tea except Lebton or Silan? did you have special recipe when you boil the tea? what make different taste, is it brand or the way how to boil?

    1. Hi Safiaram,

      I haven’t tried honey but I shall, I believe  the recipe I adapted, just used ordinary sugar and because I am always aware of adding too much sweetness,( Mum never let us put sugar in our tea! Very grateful for that now!) I chose raw sugar, believing it to better for me than white. I have in the past just grabbed Twinings Teas from the supermarket shelves,  they have such a large selection, but really, any brand is great.

      Thank you


  6. Seems like being an affiliate has its perks. Sharing deals that we love with our friends and family is what we have been doing all the while anyway, so why not get paid for it?

    I am glad you found what you love and enjoy doing it. I am looking forward to more tea recipes here! 

    1. Hi Grace, thank you for your comments.

      Yes,  if you have the passion I believe all is possible, what’s that saying, ‘a walk in the park!’ Well perhaps  not quite, but, a walk in the park, may just inspire you, energise you, to think, dream  and create!


  7. Nice post on what being an affiliate actually is, Michele!

    I’ve been doing affiliate marketing myself for a few years and it still surprises me that most people don’t understand it at all.

    I like to tell them it’s a bit like referral marketing, where you are referring to a product with an honest review and they can make up their own minds if they want to purchase or not.

    The great thing about being an affiliate is as you suggest, sharing what you like and enjoy and making some money at the same time!

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks John, 

      Yes it’s all  about sharing your knowledge, your experience. A friend said to me recently,  ‘I read the reviews, Michele and from those I make my decision’!’  Well there you go!


  8. This is an extraordinary article! I believe that it is incredible that you are rousing other individuals to wind up offshoots in view of the potential it needs to enhance their lives. Being an Affiliate is incredible on the grounds that you can enable individuals to discover things they are searching for alluding them to the most ideal arrangements. It is extraordinary in light of the fact that you likewise get paid a rate by the organization moving the things for your job in helping them. It is really an extraordinary method to profit sincerely. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this extraordinary data!

    1. Thank you Triumphant Life TV, for your comments.

      To give the best that you can in any facet of your life, I truly believe, you must love what you are doing.

      I shared because I realised, such a small thing, enjoying my cup of tea, everyday, comforted me so much  and I could write about this, with love and passion and realise a dream I have had for years, my sharing something I love, well I can make an income from it!

      That is truly a joy isn’t i? 


  9. Hello Michele,

    I am a huge fan of Earl Grey for ice tea, the flavor is fuller yet lighter than normal black tea. It also does not need to have half a bag of sugar-lmao. 

    What is your opinion on loose tea vs tea bags? I have been experimenting with loose tea using my press and the results have been amazing. Tea like coffee is a journey of expression, so many blends so little time. 

    I look forward to reading your journey and trying some of your suggestions

    1. Hi Mercedus,

      I use both, a brewed pot of  tea is a delight to be enjoyed and hopefully there is two/ three cuppas in the teapot and a pleasurable time to enjoy it in,  either relaxing at home reading a great book,  or  laughing and chatting with great company. 

      When time is short,  it’s two tea bags in my cup, to energise me and keep me sane and off to work!


  10. Thank you so much for this definition post.  I call it that because it has defined affiliate so well.

    When I think affiliate, I think “associated with” but that doesn’t reallly tell the whole story.  You’ve gone and provided a level of detail that really paints the whole picture.

    I guess anyone with a passion for something and a willingness to share that passion can be an affiliate.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Scott,

      We need the passion, the love, then I believe, everything becomes easier, writing, researching.

      The thoughts and ideas, gosh, we will have trouble to stop the pouring out of our stories about life and living.


  11. Hello, I love that this is not a typical affiliate site, it made an interesting reading experience for me. You’re right about having your favorite cup of brew, you can settle in and get your creative mind flowing at anytime of the day. It makes me feel like I can do this, with no fears of learning and experiencing something new, I am not alone. 

    Thank you for sharing. 


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