I Would Like to Tell You a Story

Find the Courage within you, know you are Right and Fight

(Michele Reynolds)

I would like to share a story with you. This is a bit different to my previous posts, but through it all I certainly needed to slosh back a bit more tea!

I haven’t posted for quite awhile, as that saying goes;

”Life gets in the way”.

I have worked in the health care environment, for twenty years now, it’s not  an easy line of work, although I know there are many jobs, careers, etc. that would be  and are a lot harder. There were many, many times throughout these years where I have gone home aching, tired and just bloody exhausted and if I had had my time again and given foresight, maybe I would’ve stayed  in my cushy job counting money!

But there were other pressures on me at that time, personal issues, when I decided to, needed to, make some changes in my life.

After working seventeen years in one area, where it was physically and mentally draining, I decided to transfer to an area where it was more mentally challenging, but easier on my body. Initially all was pretty good, but then I began to have issues with a staff member in this new area.

We all have heard, perhaps experienced, suffered, at the hands of a bully.

I, unfortunately,  would say most of us at one time or another, have suffered bullying, by one or many.

If you see it, do not ignore it do what you feel you can.

(Michele  Reynolds )

So  even now in my sixties, I became the victim of a bully. Don’t you think that at my age I would have the where with all to know how to handle a bully!?

Mmmm.. well no, why, because this person was my boss!

And  this person  knew where to hit me where it hurt the most, my pay packet!

What  causes the most  stress?

Financial  stress, that is the absolute killer!

Have you heard the term; ‘covert bullying’, to me, it is the most insidious of all.

A form of bullying that only the perpetrator and victim, most  of the time, know what is happening.

I did finally have a win, good triumphs over evil, well perhaps not all the time, but occasionally, let’s hope more than occasionally if we are  of an optimistic mind!

In time I will put together a  e-book,  already commenced, of what happened to me and how to combat the terrible scenarios and what weapons are at your disposal, sounds like a war, doesn’t it and yes it is a war,  for your survival and  your well  being.

Would I  have crumbled, when I was younger, possibly, does age make you stronger, maybe. Perhaps better to say life makes you stronger,, but we need to find the strength within us.

In the mean time, remember you are special, you are important, you are an extremely worthy human being.

Believe It and Believe In You .

Shall I say,;

To the Pleasure of Tea!

Well let’s just add a touch of brandy, is brandy good in tea? I’m not sure, perhaps this calls for coffee,   mmmm… I may have one once a week, sometimes it gives me a buzz, sometimes a headache, perhaps the blend, but an Irish Coffee, well, I think always a good choice!



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