A Cup of Tea and Weight Loss

A cup of Delicious Tea


A cup of Tea and Weight Loss.

Is it possible to find that cup of tea, that brand of tea, that special flavour of tea,  that will allow us to lose that stubborn weight, that instead of using our will power:

“Just by drinking this brew, your excess weight will just disappear! “

Heard that? Yes of course!   Mmm…… that magic elixir.

I seem to have always carried just that little and  sometimes during my life,  a lot of extra pounds, that I dislike intensely, but really  over the last few years, I feel I have become complacent with where I  find myself in my world, the treadmill of;  work, rest and managing the ups and downs that sometimes just seem too much and too tough.

My world:   Where  I know I should be fitter and healthier, so I can attain and keep a healthy longevity!

Teas can Help

Truly?   The weight loss tea brew?  There is not one special tea to take to gain that desired weight loss, but there are many teas that can help.

To gain anything in life, we need a plan, a well  thought out plan stating what we would like to achieve, our goals and how we are going to get there .

It is never too late to make a change, however small, or large, if you wish it to be, baby steps and heaps of pats on the back, most important!

Positives overcome Negatives!

The Catalyst.

I  visited my Doctor, awhile ago,  I had a really horrible virus, where I was continually shivering, aching, sweating and the only thing that helped was  paracetamol and anti inflammatories,  alternately.  I also took antibiotics, prescribed but advised they wouldn’t help due to the fact it was a virus, but hey, I took them anyway, because I felt so unwell.   I had a  full blood test done, (some thing I had been avoiding for years)! plus a kidney scan!   And  well there you are,    mmm…    cholesterol; a little high and the signs of a fatty liver.


She wants me to come back for another one!     Double Yikes!….

Mmmm……that sand pit is beckoning!!

Do you hide your head in the sand?   Well I do, especially  when  it’s hidden from my view!  Can’t see it,  so it isn’t there,  perhaps just a  little niggling doubt that maybe and I don’t want to know,  stupid?   Yes!   Think about it tomorrow, do something tomorrow, yes sounds like me!

So time to re evaluate?  Most  Definitely!

The Plan.

My Plan initially is very simple, each night after a light tea perhaps two hours after I have eaten, I shall go to bed with a lovely cup of hot Chamomile tea. On waking each morning , (of course my beautiful big  cup of chamomile has also helped me to sleep soundly! ),  and  prior to eating breakfast,  I shall enjoy a lovely hot mug of Black tea, perhaps English Breakfast, Assam Tea, Irish Breakfast Tea,  Yorkshire Tea, a strong tea, which I love, hot and milky, as I contemplate, what I shall have for my breakfast!   To me always a strong black but….

Perhaps, a preferred cup of  herbal tea, lemon, ginger, peppermint may do the trick as we contemplate……..


The Benefit of starting the day with Fluids: 

 Is, that  not only will it hydrate you, it will fill you and  not make you SO  hungry, that a possible bad sugary choice is made due to the need to alleviate  the  feelings of emptiness !

Water is fine, but add to that water the tea of your choice, what about that delightful  cup of  hot tea?   So much more enticing and of course  with the wonderful health benefits found in tea, a great start to the day!

Chamomile Tea,   will aid my sleep and my  Black  tea,  first thing in the morning, will revive me.  Doing these two  things will  energise my mind and body so I can think clearly about my intentions for the day regarding my well being.

Weight Issues can be  exacerbated  and usually are by;

One::     A sluggish digestive system.

Two:    Poor circulation.

which can  result  in fluid retention.

Teas:    are full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, many teas especially herbaceous teas, eg. Dandelion tea acts a natural diuretic, others aid digestion, ease gas, settle stomach cramping, soothe nerves.

Teas that may aid Weight  Loss.

Dandelion Tea………..  A Cleanser  and Natural Diuretic with potassium and vitamins, working gently within your body to eliminate waste and balance your fluids.

Rosemary Tea………Aids  the digestion of fats, helps enhance circulation and so acts as a preventative to cholesterol.

Parsley Tea………….. super cleanser for the liver,  glands and gallbladder.

Papaya Tea…………..Or called Paw Paw from the melon tree, it contains enzymes aiding healthy digestion. My Dad grew paws paws in the backyard and the fruit is yummy, just to have it sliced and a piece for breakfast, or lunch, or tea!   And why not IN my tea!

Chinese  Oolong Tea……..Helps  to reduce cholesterol.

There are many more,  so many more wonderful teas,  healing and nutritious and enjoyable!
Below is a link to a book by Victoria Zaks, which I have  read and shared my knowledge of her book with you. it is an amazing book, not expensive and gives so much  information, about the enjoyment of and health benefits of,  our  glorious cup of tea!

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn commissions on purchases made through links in this post.

Teas that may replace the Desire  for a Sugar  Fix.

Reach for the teas, naturally sweet,  natural energy, so replacing the desire to reach for a sugary drink, enjoy a naturally sweet tea full of  herbal nutrients and healing properties.    Have these on hand when the need to consume  something sweet  is palpable.

Well a start on my journey and hopefully yours,  to look at what I /we are consuming and the effects it can  have  on our well being and the need to grow in knowledge:

What comes from nature, pure and unadulterated, can make my being, a lot better!

For my teas, at this stage, my herbal teas,  for example, my peppermint and my chamomile, I have been buying the ‘Pure Chamomile’ or the ‘Pure Peppermint’, so getting  ‘plain’ tea,  just that herb on its own, so I feel that I am getting the best shot of  the nutritious benefits, for my needs, in that instance, whether to help me to sleep or to invigorate me just to survive that day at work!

Also to me, the need to fill those moments between meals,  when the need to eat, to satisfy  that craving, tea can soothe that need,  whether as a sweetener or just to give me that calmness.  It can help me on my journey, to  not just possibly shed some pounds/ kilos, , but to offer and give relief to my mind and body.

Hot Today?  Need something Refreshing and Cooling?

Try an Iced Tea:  

 perhaps Raspberry and Pomegranate or  Lemon and Mint.



Steep  4/5/6,  (depending on your taste). teabags in hot water, then  fill  a beautiful clear glass jug with water and add  the beautiful tea to your jug when cooled.

Have you got lots of ice block containers?

Prior to  making your jug of tea, freeze pieces of fruit, perhaps  small pieces of strawberries,  mint leaves, raspberries, lemon, orange, into ice block containers cover with water and freeze.

Add to your jug, or straight into some lovely tall glasses and top with the cooled tea, not only does it look inviting, as the ice further cools your drink and as it  melts,  it releases the fruit,  to add  further, fuller,  flavours to your drink!  Yum!

Stash Teas look wonderful  and the write up  is exceptional, unfortunately from what  I have read only available in the USA at this stage, so I have included some more  choices!


Look to:

A drink to break the fast after sleeping.  A nice brew, of whatever you particularly like, be it;   black tea,  green tea, peppermint, rosemary, sage, hibiscus, whatever you enjoy to break that fast after sleeping.

Then enjoy a good breakfast, fruit, fibre, protein,  mmm… well an exceptionally good start  to an exceptionally good  day!!    yay!!!

Well  must be good!    We have set the Scene!    So what else can we achieve today!


To the Pleasure of Tea and Well Being!




‘20,000 Secrets of Tea’,  Author Victoria Zaks

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12 Replies to “A Cup of Tea and Weight Loss”

  1. I find tea a very interesting topic and love what you have done. You have taken a passion of yours and added a hint of humor to catch the audience at the right moment. 

    We all come across problems in life and hope for an elixir to cure them. I love the cures you have advised for the listed problems. I never knew or understood the power of tea until I read your post! 

    Thank you so much for giving me a better understanding!

    1. Hi Catherine

      Your Welcome,

       Thanks for your comments,

      I do believe that a cup of tea, perhaps to soothe an upset stomach, or a boost your concentration, or just to help you relax after a horrific day, or just the  absolute best way, sitting with family, friends and just loving, the sharing and the love.

  2. Thank you for this highly refreshing article.  Losing weight can be a battle.  Although I drink herbal tea for weight loss, Rooibos tea with lemon is my favourite.  I drink more than four cups a day.  I feel more relaxed after a cup of tea.  Adequate intake of fluids is crucial to prevent dehydration.  Tea provides antioxidants, flavonoids, amino-acids and minerals – mainly flouride.  

    1. Sandikazi, thank you for your comments.

      A cup of tea can be a pick me up at any time during the day and just stopping to have a cuppa, whether a hot one or a delicious iced one can satisfy our rumblings and the health benefits are amazing!

  3. I love tea. 

    Another tea that may help in your weight loss list is nettle tea. It is also full of iron.

    I love green tea and have a mix from my local tea shop that is green tea with tropical fruit. I buy the tea leaves(proper tea) and it has dried tropical fruit in it. They also started doing Yunnan Puerhh tea. Many years ago my daughter started drinking Puerrh tea it as it had so many health benefits. I now make a mix from the two and always drink that, therefore utilising the health benefits of both.

    I am not sure I believe any tea can make you lose weight, though many ‘celebrities’ apparently drink whatever is the latest fad and swear by it.

    I enjoyed your post, thank you. Lovely to see one all about tea. I will share on social media for others to enjoy.

    1. Thank you Linda,

      Well I shall try nettle tea and yunnan puerrh tea, wonderful!

      Thank you for commenting and sharing.

      Mmmm.. all the different delights and flavours of tea!


  4. Oh this is a topic that i have over the years found really interesting. TEA! I love tea and it is exactly what i make use of to help with my weight loss. I also do some body movement and use supplements too but i am always very true to those lovely fluids. I think its always very important in the morning to break a fast with some good tea. There are some tea here that i really need to give a try. Thanks for putting this out

    1. Hi Henderson,

      Thanks for your comments, yes the world of tea is fascinating, the history and the different brews and the health benefits. Wonderful!


  5. This is pretty lovely to read. I didn’t know that there was so much goodness in taking a well-prepared tea. Most of these teas, i don’t think that i have ever heard of them but it’s nice to learn them here. I really think ill be doing myself some good by taking tea to help my weight. I will get this tea at a store not too far from here, thank you very much.

    1. Hi John,

      Yes I have always loved my cup of tea and of course it can be part of any diet regime as we need to keep hydrated and that cup of tea may just stop us from reaching for a sugar drink which may be full of calories. And of course a cup of tea has nutrients, anti inflammatory qualities, well the list goes on!

      Have a look at my post on the Boston Tea Party and Liberty Teas. When the ladies of America could not have Chinese black tea, they looked to their gardens and orchards to find new brews of tea!


  6. I like a good cup of tea from time to time and I have heard about some of the benefits that one can receive from the beverage.  However, I have not heard of any benefits for weight loss so, this is very interesting to me.

    I have been doing a lot of walking for a few months now and have managed to loose about 15 lbs.  However, about two months ago I seemed to have hit a wall and haven’t really lost anything since. I know that I don’t overeat so I’m at a loss as to why.

    Perhaps this is part of the solution.  I just have to drink tea o a more regular basis.  Not only do we get the nutritional benefits from the tea, but we also get the fluid we need on a daily basis.  

    Water does fill us and make us feel fuller but, I think doing it with tea makes it taste better and, as I said, there is the nutritional value.  It’s a double shot, good-good, win, win situation.

    I only want to lose another 5-7 lbs so, more tea it is. Thanks,


    1. Hi Wayne,

      Always time for a cup of tea!

      Thank you for your comments.

      Tea can always satisfy as we contemplate what we shall  eat that will give our bodies energy and well being.


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