Let’s Have Pumpkin Soup


Pumpkin Soup

I love this recipe and I used to make it all the time and I still do!

Well we have lots of pumpkins to carve for Halloween, so now to use up that scrumptious pumpkin flesh!

Those big beautiful pumpkins orange and gorgeous are amazing, but I have carved pumpkin faces from just those lovely grey ones and well, once hollow and lit from the inside they just as effective, with the beautiful orange glow coming from the inside!

Pumpkin Soup

Any kind of pumpkin is great, quite often I use Butternut  pumpkin, perhaps Kent or Jap  pumpkin. The flesh needs to be a vibrant/rich  orange, because this will  then be the  colour of your soup.

1.5 /2 kilos/ 3 to 4 pounds:  Pumpkin

3  large                                      :    Potatoes

2 litres                                        :   Chicken Stock or if you prefer, Vegetable Stock

Vegetables  need to covered with liquid prior to cooking on the stove top, I always have a tin of powdered  chicken stock in my cupboard, so I cover vegetable with water, then add three tablespoons of chicken stock  to pot.

1  large                                      :    Brown  Onion

2                                                   :    Eggs and a little milk

Handful of chives for garnishing.

Pepper  and Salt                    :    To taste

Peel and slice pumpkin and potatoes into similar sized pieces, place in pot, cover with water, add chicken stock.

Add  sliced onion.

Add perhaps pepper at this stage, chicken stock of course is salty and at the end taste and adjust the seasoning.

Allow  to cook until soft, remove from heat, (the liquid is part of your delish soup, with yummy flavours of stock  and onion, do not drain), mash with your blender, you should have a lovely mixture of pumpkin soup. To add creaminess, here is where we add the eggs, just allow vegetables to cool a little, if added to soon, the eggs will cook too quickly, (we want them to blend easily and add richness to our soup), crack the eggs into pot and  then blend straight away, add a little milk and there you go a beautiful pot of creamy thick soup.

When serving, (although I tend to add at the end of my cooking), add the cut up chives. The lovely orange colour of the soup plus the green of the chives on top, just adds more to the appeal and taste of your pumpkin soup!

I add  straight after cooking, I do this because my son just grabs a bowl of soup straight from the fridge and heats. The added chives don’t need to be added, but when they are, at this stage, they don’t sink, but  they do just sort of  stay/ float on the top!









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