Melba Toast


Melba Toast


Melba Toast, was  created by the famous French Chef, Auguste Escoffier, for Dame Nellie Melba and  so named after her.

I have noted there are two ways to make  the recipe, ‘Melba Toast’.

The recipe works well with any bread and is fabulous for left over bread,  wonderful, no waste!

Rye, sour dough, a baguette,  white sliced,  etc.  etc.   all good.

Thick  bread?

Pre heat oven to 220c.

Butter bread lightly and place on tray and bake for ten minutes, remove and allow to cool slightly, then with serrated knife, carefully slice parallel through centre of slice of bread and place back in oven uncooked side up and allow to  cook further,  until golden brown on top.

This is called twice baked.

It has been stated to cut off crusts before baking,  yes I would do this with sliced bread and of course it adds to the presentation,  but I love the crunch and texture of unsliced bread, so  with unsliced  I leave it on.

Remove and allow to cool and store in air tight tin.

Thin bread?

Slice very thin,  perhaps,  baguette, rye, sour dough.  Mm.. yum!  (I’m not too wonderful with ruler measurements, but perhaps 5/6mms, will work),  butter, lightly, to just give that slight taste of richness to the bread and bake for ten minutes, or enough to give a slight golden  brown colour, at 220c.

Allow to cool and store in air tight container.

Use with anything you would like to add crunch to:

Garnish soups , dips,  stir frys,  or crumbled and add prior to  serving  to pasta dishes and salads. I love a coleslaw with added crunch and often add some sort of croutons to my salad.

Use these delightful crispy pieces of bread to scoop up  your favourite dip and enjoy the tantalising flavours and textures.

Melba Toast is just like a lovely thin crouton. Of course, now we can pick up bread  at the supermarkets, that has garlic added, chives,  olives, parmesan  and so on!   So our Melba Toast can have added deliciousness!

Use as a base for beautiful toppings: cream cheese and salmon with dill,  avocado and crab meat,  goats cheese and beetroot relish,  tuna with red onion and mayonnaise, mm.. all delicious!

And serve it with a lovely cup of tea with  lemon!

To the Pleasure of Tea!


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