Memories founded on Gatherings at the Tea Table



🎶🎶‘ Memories are Made of This.’🎶🎶

(This is/was a popular song  written by, Terry Gilkyson, Richard Dehr and Frank Miller in 1955.)   Wikipedia.

What do I remember best, what comes to mind immediately?

The Tea Table,   whether it be the kitchen table or the dining room table, it was a place to eat and drink. It’s where I can see my Dad sitting at the head of the table, window behind him, possibly reading the paper, his first cup of tea in front of him, Mum busy behind me, creating, whatever, be it toast, eggs, a pot of tea. We always sat at the table to eat our meals, not something that I bother too much with these days, although my sister does, it’s funny what we take away with us isn’t it, what’s important to me, may not be important to another sibling and visa versa.

I  remember…

Food plays such an enormous part in our memories, doesn’t it?

I feel,  as I remember a dish,   I also remember a memory…

I was a skinny little Tom Boy,  goodness,  those were the days, I also seemed to hate meat!  Mum, was a two vege and meat kinda girl, so each evening, her family would receive, meat and vege.  Each Friday,  of course being the good Catholics that we were, we would have fish, also with two vege?  Mmm.. not sure here, would’ve been nice to have chips!  Mum would buy the fish and egg and  flour it,  no breadcrumbs and  would only fry it,  after presenting the cat, elevated to top taster, a titbit  and if the cat, didn’t  fall of the chair, paws to the sky we had our serve of Friday fish for tea!  Occasionally, Dad would bring  home, fish and chips,  wrapped up in newspaper stained with the seepage of oil !

Mmm… yum!

Well, I was such a hater of meat,  that I would shove it under the cushion of my chair! We had these lovely wooden chairs and just a cushion to fit plonked on top!   Do you remember the kind!.

Well there it sat, the meat,  until Mum got rid of it!   No retribution  towards me, amazing!   Maybe the cat ate well,  because of me!

Well, there is one memory!

It’s special, because I can see me, sitting around that table, I can see Mum serving us our tea and dear Dad, at the head of the table. My siblings are a little fuzzy, mmm… why?  Not sure why, perhaps I was too focused on  getting that meat under my cushion!

Where is memory two!

I’m still thinking about memory one!  But much more to come!


To the Pleasure of Loving,  Sharing and Remembering!






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