Need a cake stand

Beautiful Cake for a Beautiful Cake Stand!

Yes Definitely!

To display all those scrumptious delicacies, for the presentation, of course, but also  the practical need to use all available table space, effectively and spectacularly!

Single cake stands. Tiered cake stands, wonderful!

And not just for our yummy cakes, cake stands can be used for fruits,  sandwiches, candles and for all occasions and themes, a high tea, a garden party, a wedding, a  special lunch!

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A cake stand to display, little pumpkins for the Fall, for Halloween. The colours of Autumn  in the Northern Hemisphere, and in the Southern Hemisphere,  the colours of Spring, the celebration of renewal.

Struggling to find that special cake stand, perhaps a special colour scheme,  you would like to incorporate into your celebrations.?

While searching for wonderful and different cake stands, I also found the hardware used to create these gorgeous tiers, that separate the plates.

Well a thought came to mind, do you have odd plates at home, perhaps in your favourite pattern or favourite colour, perhaps a visit to an Op Shop may uncover some beautiful old plates. Imagine….

A blue and gold dinner plate,  I love the richness of colour,  a glorious  deep,  rich, blue,  edged in gold,   ( oh dear,  there I go!)   and matching side plate, or just keeping with the colours of blues, deep, midnight, sea or sky blue,   followed by a cup or saucer, or just a smaller plate than your middle choice, with similar shades of blue, perhaps with flowers or stripes, or…mmm… wonderful!

How can we then make our own tiered cake stands? Need a drill, with a special drill bit for china,  otherwise you will end up with a smashed piece of china! A hole in the middle of each piece of china,  then use gold/silver hardware bits and  wonderful, there you have it!  Your own specially created colour/themed tiered cake stand, hand made by you!

Well not too clever looking for drill sets, but I do know you need a diamond drill bit to cut through china, cleanly, leaving a lovely little round hole for your tier hardware!  Also another cake stand popped up on my search and of course Waterford Crystal !  So included.

Now for some delicious, delectable morsels to put on our gorgeous cake stands!

To the Pleasure and Love of Tea,   the Gathering and Enjoyment of Creating a Special Occasion/  a Celebration of Living, Enjoying and Being!


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10 Replies to “Need a cake stand”

  1. Hello Michelle, thank you so much. My mum bakes and she’s looking to get the best cake stand for my sister’s wedding that is coming up pretty soon. Your recommendations are very good and you have a host of them here but I wanted to ask if you know what the best cake stand is for weddings. I suppose that cake stands can be used for cakes on different occasions. I await your response.

    1. Hello Henderson,

      Thank you for your comments

      Your Mum must be an amazing cake baker to take on a wedding! Good on her!

      So much depends on the theme of the wedding, the colour scheme, what sort of cake is desired. When I married, well,  it was just expected, you would have fruit cake, why, well just so traditional way back then and we never questioned why have fruit cake!? 

      There was this folklore, ‘take a piece of wedding cake home and put it under your pillow and you shall dream of your true love ‘!   

      Well good luck if it happens to be  a fresh strawberries and cream cake, or a lemon summer berry cake or… mmm, maybe a little mess to clean up come morning!

      So a lot depends on what sort of cake, is it heavy or light, how many guests need to share this delectable cake, how many tiers will be needed. Can you spend a lot, (more weddings down the track), or a once off,  perhaps good resale value!  Or just  to keep  forever!,  for special anniversaries, parties, etc. nice if it is collapsible (but still strong!) for storage.

      Lots to consider and think about and I’m sure your Mum is onto it!

      Best Wishes


  2. Hi Michele, 

    This is a great post for all the cake stands. When I searched a gift for my friend’s housewarming party, your post just came to my browser. My friend likes to bake her special recipes for  scones and muffins for the weekend, and it’s very nice that I can  use this post as a purchase reference.

    It’s also very thoughtful that you recommend some home tool kit to make the cake stand by ourselves, and it does help me to think to try for myself since I like DIY so much at my place too!

    1. Dear Matt, Thank you for your comments, we have so much absolutely gorgeous products available to us, which really ‘we just have to have’! But it’s  also, so nice to actually create your own as well!  Be inspired, by what we see and then create, wonderful!


  3. Hi Michelle, I like your niche and your posts are organised and nicely displayed. Perhaps I would create a sort of drop down menu as the more articles you add, it is going to become a bit crammed at the top. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work. Best regards, Marisa 

  4. Hi Michelle, I love these suggestions for cake display. I am thinking of the many times I have had friends over and they have complimented me on my cakes, both the taste and the decorations. Seeing this article I am asking myself why do i serve such beautiful cakes on an ordinary round plate. Well I am not going to the trouble of reconstructing what I have. I really like that wedge wood displayed here and I am going to get one. I will also check if there are any rectangular ones. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Isn’t this just so awesome? The perfect stand for the perfect cake made from different materials to provide the varieties to us. Wow! I love this post and definitely showing it to my wife. We both run a pastry and cake store and as such, it becomes very integral to us to make sure to get excellent cake stands. I think I would like to go for the kits that can be used to make the stand by myself. I would most definitely prefer that. Though we can still do with a couple of the stands. Thanks so much for this article and I most definitely found it worthy of a read.

    1. Dear RoDarrick,

      Thank you for your comments, you are already in a very creative environment, hard work I know, but still creating every day.

      Yes, you could easily create gorgeous cake stands to compliment your beautiful cakes and adding to your already fabulous ambience!


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