Need a cake stand

Beautiful Cake for a Beautiful Cake Stand!

Yes Definitely!

To display all those scrumptious delicacies, for the presentation, of course, but also  the practical need to use all available table space, effectively and spectacularly!

Single cake stands. Tiered cake stands, wonderful!

And not just for our yummy cakes, cake stands can be used for fruits,  sandwiches, candles and for all occasions and themes, a high tea, a garden party, a wedding, a  special lunch!

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A cake stand to display, little pumpkins for the Fall, for Halloween. The colours of Autumn  in the Northern Hemisphere, and in the Southern Hemisphere,  the colours of Spring, the celebration of renewal.

Struggling to find that special cake stand, perhaps a special colour scheme,  you would like to incorporate into your celebrations.?

While searching for wonderful and different cake stands, I also found the hardware used to create these gorgeous tiers, that separate the plates.

Well a thought came to mind, do you have odd plates at home, perhaps in your favourite pattern or favourite colour, perhaps a visit to an Op Shop may uncover some beautiful old plates. Imagine….

A blue and gold dinner plate,  I love the richness of colour,  a glorious  deep,  rich, blue,  edged in gold,   ( oh dear,  there I go!)   and matching side plate, or just keeping with the colours of blues, deep, midnight, sea or sky blue,   followed by a cup or saucer, or just a smaller plate than your middle choice, with similar shades of blue, perhaps with flowers or stripes, or…mmm… wonderful!

How can we then make our own tiered cake stands? Need a drill, with a special drill bit for china,  otherwise you will end up with a smashed piece of china! A hole in the middle of each piece of china,  then use gold/silver hardware bits and  wonderful, there you have it!  Your own specially created colour/themed tiered cake stand, hand made by you!

Well not too clever looking for drill sets, but I do know you need a diamond drill bit to cut through china, cleanly, leaving a lovely little round hole for your tier hardware!  Also another cake stand popped up on my search and of course Waterford Crystal !  So included.

Now for some delicious, delectable morsels to put on our gorgeous cake stands!

To the Pleasure and Love of Tea,   the Gathering and Enjoyment of Creating a Special Occasion/  a Celebration of Living, Enjoying and Being!


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Let’s have Afternoon Tea!



It’s always lovely  to catch up with family, friends, neighbours,  just  to make a special time,  or a casual time,  to reconnect, enjoy and relax.

A cup of tea, sandwiches, pastries and cakes,  a time to sip, eat, enjoy,  then after, perhaps walking in the garden,  by the river,  by the sea,  in a beautiful field or under an apple tree, in an orchard,  somewhere, anywhere!

A magical escape, a time to laugh,  feel,  believe that life is,  can be,  will be extraordinarily,  great!

Enjoy and remember these precious moments and remember them in times when, wow, did I just have an exceptionally bad day!!   Most definitely!   Then remember and plan that next afternoon tea,  that next afternoon getaway!  So important to break the  chain that  seems to lock us into the  humdrum of our lives. What is the alternative of ‘humdrum’?

Well, what is ‘humdrum’ !?      Boredom , lack of interest,  ordinary.

We need to escape the humdrum,  so a change is required, small at first,   always good and room to grow and   of course, think big , think  exceptionally large!

Well why not?!

The scene is set, what shall we have for afternoon tea!?

Some yummy delights to eat and Something stylish to transport our afternoon tea in and most definitely a  comfortable  water resistant Picnic blanket to relax on.   To complete our wonderful setting a Collapsible Picnic Table and some   Collapsible folding chairs. Why , well  we need  easy to transport and  light weight,  so easy to take and carry to our destination!

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(Most important for those  who  don’t wish to, or  maybe just can’t,  throw themselves down on that glorious blanket!)

Mmmmm… Done!       Now for our Afternoon Tea!

mmmmmm…. Our  Menu.

No matter whether casual or elegant we do need a menu of sorts!

I am thinking:


Salmon Pate with dry crackers on the side.

Finger Sandwiches:

Three fillings:

Curried  egg with mayonaise and lettuce.

     Cucumber with dill and  mayonnaise  

    Smoked Ham and  seeded mustard 

Lets  mix up those breads;  rye would be perfect with all three fillings, also mixed grain and white bread,  all delicious  and then,  well, mix it up!   Put white on one side and mixed grain on the other,  rye bread on one and mixed grain on the other!

Yum!   Different textures  of bread with the  filling in one bite!

Now to finish with some delectable sweetness!

Is it difficult to Transport a wonderful rich tasting, but delightfully refreshing delicious cheesecake perhaps, to our outdoors afternoon tea,  or should we opt for a substantial cake, full of fruit, or perhaps a ginger bread  cake,  a banana cake and then include some scrumptious  biscuits, home made of course,  to dip into our  freshly brewed cup of tea!

Mmmmm…., need a  contented sleep under the dappled sunlight of that glorious tree,  after these delectable delights!

Mmm….A shady tree!


Well, I have a lot of recipes to find for you and  I shall delight in foraging amongst my recipe books,  the salmon pate, (or was it a mousse), well, I used to make it  when we had dinner parties, oh dear, so many moons ago , hope I can rediscover it.   Mmmmm …I might just forget to resurface!

Well I have found my recipe for salmon pate and salmon mousse in the same recipe book, yay!   I have these recipe books, they must be at least 40 years old, my copies anyway. We have an Iconic magazine in Australia, it’s called;

The Australian Women’s Weekly

It started its iconic journey in 1933 by a very famous Australian  name, Frank Packer, it used to be a weekly magazine but became and still is a monthly event. The magazine  later produced  soft cover A4  page cook books and I think I just had to have everyone! The one that has my salmon pate recipe in it is;

The Australian Women’s Weekly  Dinner Party Cookbook No 2.

All the recipes that are published, come from the Test  Kitchens of The Australian Woman’s Weekly and  are thrice tested!  Wonderful!  The books are glossy and with lots of pictures of completed recipes so I knew/know how my  cooking efforts should hopefully look on completion! Love those pictures!

The recipe:      Smoked Salmon Pate

This yummy pate will just  complement our choice of fillings in our sandwiches, listed above, what better than  mixing egg and cucumber and ham with mayo and curry flavours with the  delightful smoked salmon flavour of our pate!

4oz (125grams)                   Smoked salmon

1oz ( 30 grams)                    Melted  Butter

2 teaspoons of oil               Perhaps vegetable or really whatever you have to               hand,  I normally do have vegetable or/ and olive oil in my pantry.

1 tablespoon  lemon juice

1/4 cup of cream

1/2 teaspoon French mustard

2  shallots chopped finely

sprinkle of salt and pepper

In food processor or blender, place roughly chopped smoked salmon, add melted butter and mix until combined. Add lemon and oil and blend until smooth, then add cream and mustard, salt and pepper to taste, then fold in chopped shallots and spoon mixture into two  Little pots and refrigerate to cool and set, already for our, Afternoon Tea!

Well I have now researched and found some of these wonderful  Women’s Weekly cook books and perhaps I should cherish mine a little bit better than I do, anyway have a look.

 Here are some more wonderful,  beautiful books to inspire us, to bake, enjoy and hey, just to show off our prowess in the kitchen!!

My Nanna, my Dad’s Mum, was an amazing cook and I inherited a shoe box, filled with hand written recipes, cut outs, from magazines and newspapers, it is old and smells of Nanna’s house, mmm… lovely!

My Nanna’s shoe box!

I found her recipe for her Christmas cake,  just a cutout from some long ago newspaper, well there are little holes in this recipe obliterating some of the recipe!  Oh dear, but obviously a fabulous recipe made again and again and again for all of her precious family to enjoy and we all just loved it!  Can I piece this together, just by trying to figure out and testing what has been lost!.

mmmm…. well we shall see!

And my Nana, how old?     Well my Dad was born in 1912, the fourth of five, the first born died, very young, a babe.   Dad was then the third of the living siblings.  My  Nana was amazing and at her table, I first tasted cream puffs filled with freshly beaten cream and sprinkled with icing sugar,  I must have been all of ten!  She was well before her time in Australia!

And born when,? Well  I shall have to ask my sister, why do your older sisters know so much more!.

Well, more recipes for our wonderful Afternoon Tea under that glorious shady tree!

Let’s try and find that cake recipe that  just satisfies  the desire for a little sweetness.  I love this English Magazine, ‘Landscape’,   I find it full of inspiring stories,  visual delights, recipes, craft ideas.     Mmmmm…. so much!  This recipe is from their website:

Pear and Blackberry Cake

Serves 6-8
2 small firm, ripe pears
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 piece stem ginger,
finely chopped
150g softened butter
150g light muscovado sugar
3 free-range eggs
200g self-raising flour
150g blackberries
icing sugar to dust

Peel, core and dice the pears. Toss in the lemon juice and set aside. Beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.
Add the eggs one at a time and beat well after each addition, adding 1tbsp of flour with the last egg. Sift the remaining flour into the bowl and fold in. Add the diced pears and sliced ginger and fold in.
Spoon into a greased 20cm-deep round cake tin and level the top. Arrange the blackberries on top of the cake and gently push a little way into the batter. Bake at 180ºC/gas mark 4 for 50–60min or until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean.
Allow to cool in the tin for 5min. Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely and serve cold, dusted with icing sugar

A Biscuit! 

For Dunking?  No not really,  I have this recipe and have made it and these biscuits are just  Yum!!   and would I dunk?  perhaps not,  would I  have a bite of biscuit and a sip of tea!     Mmm… yes!!   Definitely yes and  Yum!

This recipe comes from Ina Garten, this absolutely amazing woman, who actually happens to be the most amazing, cook, chef and  home maker!  Ages ago and I actually mean years!  I made her ‘Thumb  Print Biscuits’, and then  lost  recipe, so I emailed her, and/or her support, asking for  her recipe.

Well they were absolutely delighted  to forward recipe to me, well there you go, an exceptionally wonderful, giving  person!

Thumbprint Jam Biscuits.

Ina Garten

3/4 pound (3 sticks) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
3-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1 egg beaten with 1 tablespoon water, for egg wash
7 ounces sweetened flaked coconut
Raspberry and/or apricot jam
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

In an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream together the butter and sugar until they are just combined and then add the vanilla. Separately, sift together the flour and salt. With the mixer on low speed, add the flour mixture to the creamed butter and sugar. Mix until the dough starts to come together. Dump on a floured board and roll together into a flat disc. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill for 30 minutes.

Roll the dough into 1-1/4 inch balls. (If you have a scale, they should each weigh 1 ounce.) Dip each ball into the egg wash and then roll it in coconut. Place the balls on an ungreased cookie sheet and press a light indentation into the top of each with your finger. Drop 1/4 teaspoon of jam into each indentation. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until the coconut is a golden brown. Cool and serve.

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To the Pleasure of Tea and an Extravagant Affair on a Shady Patch  of Grass!



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A Cake to have with Tea

Banana Cake

This was a recipe I found when my children were little and I made it so often, the memory of this recipe comes, easily to my mind.

It was a cake enjoyed over many cups of tea,  for me alone, or with my family and again with friends. It was a cake I made and took to family happenings, or just making,  to give to my Mum and Dad, for them to have and enjoy with their cups of tea.


3 medium sized over ripe bananas. ( these give delicious flavour and moisture to the cake).   Nicely mashed.

3 eggs.

1 teaspoon of vanilla paste.

150grams of butter.

1 cup of sugar.

3 cups of self raising flour.    ( nicely sifted by you).

Add a little milk if needed, mixture too sticky? But shouldn’t be, not after adding yummy bananas.



Blend together in electric mixing bowl, butter and sugar, until nice and creamy, then add eggs, one at a time, if starts to curdle,  just add a little of the self raising flour, continue to add eggs.

Add vanilla paste to mixture.

Add mashed bananas.

Add SR flour,  gently blend in with spatula.

Should  be a wonderful full bowl of creamy, banana smelling cake mixture.

I use a bundt cake tin, buttered and lightly covered in a little flour  and sugar to prevent sticking.

Bake at 180 centigrade for roughly 45 /.50minutes, it is normally cooked when slightly brown on top and just slightly coming away from sides of cake tin. Use a skewer, to test if cake cooked, if comes out clean, good to go!

Let cool slightly  and then tip out onto cake plate.


Just  topping with cinnamon sugar, while still warm,  is just  wonderful, but for special occasions,  make a frothy butter icing, butter and icing sugar and a little vanilla essence/ paste, love that real vanilla taste,  decorate cake and finish off with a little cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.  (Frothy? Well beaten, so nice and creamy).

Enjoy with a cup of Tea!







Prime Time for Our Cup of Tea


Always Prime Time for a Cup of Tea, but this is Different!

Amazon has announced a 48 Hour Sale  where savings will be plentiful. It commences on the 15th July, at  0.01 am, PT time, (Pacific Time) ,and will last for 48 hours. To save on purchases ,  a customer must have a Prime Membership with Amazon.

A Prime Membership costs around 120.00 US per year.

If you have never had a Membership before, you can try before you buy! The only way to go!

  A  30 day  free  trial period,  so if you decide no,  don’t want or need it,  you can cancel, no charge!


But I guess, in the meantime, well,   you definitely need to try, so why not use the free trial period, to buy  what you may have been looking for and  at a reduced cost,  during this 48 hour Prime Time Amazon sale!

Lets see what I can find relating to this super duper Prime Time  Sale for the lovers of Tea and all the delightful, beautiful  paraphernalia,  I can find associated with our Cup of Tea!

Oh dear!  Prime Time Sale done and dusted but….

What’s that song;” ??? well it’s all over now…..??? “ but still worth considering, lots of savings, everyday!

Here is the Link to your 30 day FREE trial!


Most of  the books  I buy now, are always online, I search  online book stores and find the right price and also, given that you get to read some of the dialogue before you buy,   well,   it is just fantastic.

Also another bonus, if you can get delivery free.

I hate having to pay for delivery and how to avoid paying delivery costs?


You have spent a qualifying amount of money to get you free shipping, which is great, as long as you are buying, the extras, because it’s what your heart desires, etc.

Best and most popular of benefits of  the Prime Membership  as an ongoing membership,  it is Free  Delivery and   With  Free Amazon streaming services.

I live in Australia and the price of a Prime Membership for Australian Amazon, is;  6.99,  per month,  or  59.00  dollars per year.

Good to check out and weigh  up, what is feasible for you.

Signing up for Prime means you’ll have free access to Amazon’s streaming services, including Prime Video, Prime Music and Twitch.

Members also get free access to Prime Reading and Prime Photos for all their ebook and storage needs.

All of course is free information on Amazon. So please check it out.

I just love books and I search the internet to find books, perhaps about  tea,  about recipes, about  art, about places,  or just to find  a fantastic enthralling read,  be it, a love story, a  gripping murder mystery, a book about gardens , about decorating, about  creating, books that I love to pick up,  look at,  enjoy,  feel the glossy paper beneath my fingers,  the  beautiful images,  the  wonderful illustrations, the colours, the flowers,  the  opulence of the presentation ,  goodness, well, it has no end and it is that love of looking, feeling the weight of that book in yours hands, the knowledge that you can put it down, but also just as quickly   pick it up again and continue to delight in the texture, the glossiness, the colour,   just the pure  delight in turning those pages and knowing, well tomorrow I can again enjoy anew that beautiful book.

The  pleasure of a good read.

Well, there  it is ;  the pleasure,  the excitement,  the joy I feel when my books arrive and  I know, yes , I am paying  a small amount monthly,  to get free shipping, but hey, my books can weigh a ton!!    Postage  quite  possibly, can be and if not more,  the cost of the book again!

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But I get it delivered to my home for just the  cost of the purchase price and I always look for a bargain, while searching for the  most splendid book/books, that I just had  to / have to, have!

I have just purchased through Amazon some more glorious books.   Besides my love of tea, I love cooking and art,  especially Claude Monet, here is what I have purchased and mmm… can’t wait….but I will!

What I love is that with a Prime membership,  I have  just saved,  $33.00 on shipping!

I pay monthly, can cancel at any time if desired!  That is another beautiful hard cover book or many soft cover books!  Wonderful!

My purchases:  I have bought four of these wonderful books, Julia Childs, David Lebovitz , and of course Monet, so much delight to find and love and create! Also amazing wall art of Claude Monet’s garden. Found and just had to add here!

The love of a great book

Well,   onto looking for all those wonderful products to buy, the teas, the china, the books, the candles, the chandeliers!

Perhaps,   just worth a look at  that 30 day trial before you buy!

Experiencing and Loving.   To the Pleasure of Tea!


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Herbal Teas………………….Ginger Tea.


Koeh-146-no text.jpg

1896 colour plate

Kohler’s Medicinal Plants


I have often had ginger tea, but  usually infused with lemon, really delicious, a fresh tangent, warming  taste, pleasant on the mouth and soothing to the senses.

From personal experience;    just by the by:

Some  of my friends suggested, when they saw me perhaps struggling with a sore throat and an irritated cough,  or feeling a little bilious, that I should chew a little ginger!

Also working with the elderly, I had this lovely lady,  who started each day,  requesting a glass of warm water and she carried with her in a little plastic bag,  maybe three slices, of thinly sliced ginger, which she would eat with her warm water, while sitting on the side of her bed!  Why?  Well to kick start her digestive system  and prevent constipation!    Wonderful!     Really she was having a cup of ginger tea, wasn’t she!?

Ginger is a flowering plant, a herbaceous perennial,  white and pink flowering buds,  changing to yellow on opening. It is and has been,  widely used as a spice and  originated in South East Asia.   It was  to be  one of the first spices to be carried across the world  during the spice trades .

                                                           Fresh ginger rhizome

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root or ginger, is widely used as a spice and a folk medicine. (From Wikipedia).

Well, what foods and beverages don’t enjoy the  added flavour of the ginger root?

All across the world it is used in virtually every culinary event,  the  gathering, the cooking,  the  eating,   the drinking experience.

From all things, savoury,  from light,  to hearty, to delightfully sweet, this added spice is  enjoyed and loved around the world.

My favourite food with ginger, has to be,  gingerbread loaf,  with dates and added spices,  perhaps made richer with, honey, or  molasses,  or golden syrup,   baked and then sliced warm  spreading each slice with butter!  Yum!

Such an expressive term don’t you think, it says so much!!!      YUM!!

Well,  we can enjoy our ginger root in so many ways,  shall we look at ginger in our Cup of Tea!

According  to Victoria Zaks, in her wonderful book ; ‘20,000 Secrets of Tea,’

Ginger is:

Ginger is the Hot Root.

She states ginger is the hot root, when taken  as a tea it will warm you from head to toe.

“Ginger warms and comforts the body, increases blood flow to cleanse toxins and promote healing.” (pg.131, 20,000 Secrets of Tea).

No wonder my lovely 90 year old client started her day with her sliced ginger and warm water!

And my friends only wished me well, because Ginger is also excellent as a mild expectorant, so, beneficial for cold conditions;  colds, chills, congestion.

Great for nausea and motion sickness;      so, soothing the stomach.

Heart Health:       lowers cholesterol and stabilises  blood pressure,

“….helps to prevent clotting, and reduces the risk of heart attacks  and strokes.”         (Pg131,    ‘20,000 Secrets of Tea’).

Well another amazing herb, that creates another amazing tea!

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn commissions on purchases made through links in this post.

All for us to sip and enjoy,  knowing  not just the  Pleasure Tea gives us, but the healing and health benefits as well!



To the Pleasure and Wonder of Our Cup of Tea!




‘20,000 Secrets  of Tea ‘,   Victoria Zaks

(I am an Affiliate, and I may place links, where I feel it may be appropriate to my text.  If you click on these links and then decide to make a purchase,  I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank  you. Michele)










A Cup of Tea and Weight Loss

A cup of Delicious Tea


A cup of Tea and Weight Loss.

Is it possible to find that cup of tea, that brand of tea, that special flavour of tea,  that will allow us to lose that stubborn weight, that instead of using our will power:

“Just by drinking this brew, your excess weight will just disappear! “

Heard that? Yes of course!   Mmm…… that magic elixir.

I seem to have always carried just that little and  sometimes during my life,  a lot of extra pounds, that I dislike intensely, but really  over the last few years, I feel I have become complacent with where I  find myself in my world, the treadmill of;  work, rest and managing the ups and downs that sometimes just seem too much and too tough.

My world:   Where  I know I should be fitter and healthier, so I can attain and keep a healthy longevity!

Teas can Help

Truly?   The weight loss tea brew?  There is not one special tea to take to gain that desired weight loss, but there are many teas that can help.

To gain anything in life, we need a plan, a well  thought out plan stating what we would like to achieve, our goals and how we are going to get there .

It is never too late to make a change, however small, or large, if you wish it to be, baby steps and heaps of pats on the back, most important!

Positives overcome Negatives!

The Catalyst.

I  visited my Doctor, awhile ago,  I had a really horrible virus, where I was continually shivering, aching, sweating and the only thing that helped was  paracetamol and anti inflammatories,  alternately.  I also took antibiotics, prescribed but advised they wouldn’t help due to the fact it was a virus, but hey, I took them anyway, because I felt so unwell.   I had a  full blood test done, (some thing I had been avoiding for years)! plus a kidney scan!   And  well there you are,    mmm…    cholesterol; a little high and the signs of a fatty liver.


She wants me to come back for another one!     Double Yikes!….

Mmmm……that sand pit is beckoning!!

Where’s that sandpit!

Do you hide your head in the sand?   Well I do, especially  when  it’s hidden from my view!  Can’t see it,  so it isn’t there,  perhaps just a  little niggling doubt that maybe and I don’t want to know,  stupid?   Yes!   Think about it tomorrow, do something tomorrow, yes sounds like me!

So time to re evaluate?  Most  Definitely!

The Plan.

My Plan initially is very simple, each night after a light tea perhaps two hours after I have eaten, I shall go to bed with a lovely cup of hot Chamomile tea. On waking each morning , (of course my beautiful big  cup of chamomile has also helped me to sleep soundly! ),  and  prior to eating breakfast,  I shall enjoy a lovely hot mug of Black tea, perhaps English Breakfast, Assam Tea, Irish Breakfast Tea,  Yorkshire Tea, a strong tea, which I love, hot and milky, as I contemplate, what I shall have for my breakfast!   To me always a strong black but….

Perhaps, a preferred cup of  herbal tea, lemon, ginger, peppermint may do the trick as we contemplate……..


The Benefit of starting the day with Fluids: 

 Is, that  not only will it hydrate you, it will fill you and  not make you SO  hungry, that a possible bad sugary choice is made due to the need to alleviate  the  feelings of emptiness !

Water is fine, but add to that water the tea of your choice, what about that delightful  cup of  hot tea?   So much more enticing and of course  with the wonderful health benefits found in tea, a great start to the day!

Chamomile Tea,   will aid my sleep and my  Black  tea,  first thing in the morning, will revive me.  Doing these two  things will  energise my mind and body so I can think clearly about my intentions for the day regarding my well being.

Weight Issues can be  exacerbated  and usually are by;

One::     A sluggish digestive system.

Two:    Poor circulation.

which can  result  in fluid retention.

Teas:    are full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, many teas especially herbaceous teas, eg. Dandelion tea acts a natural diuretic, others aid digestion, ease gas, settle stomach cramping, soothe nerves.

Teas that may aid Weight  Loss.

Dandelion Tea………..  A Cleanser  and Natural Diuretic with potassium and vitamins, working gently within your body to eliminate waste and balance your fluids.

Rosemary Tea………Aids  the digestion of fats, helps enhance circulation and so acts as a preventative to cholesterol.

Parsley Tea………….. super cleanser for the liver,  glands and gallbladder.

Papaya Tea…………..Or called Paw Paw from the melon tree, it contains enzymes aiding healthy digestion. My Dad grew paws paws in the backyard and the fruit is yummy, just to have it sliced and a piece for breakfast, or lunch, or tea!   And why not IN my tea!

Chinese  Oolong Tea……..Helps  to reduce cholesterol.

There are many more,  so many more wonderful teas,  healing and nutritious and enjoyable!
Below is a link to a book by Victoria Zaks, which I have  read and shared my knowledge of her book with you. it is an amazing book, not expensive and gives so much  information, about the enjoyment of and health benefits of,  our  glorious cup of tea!

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn commissions on purchases made through links in this post.

Teas that may replace the Desire  for a Sugar  Fix.

Reach for the teas, naturally sweet,  natural energy, so replacing the desire to reach for a sugary drink, enjoy a naturally sweet tea full of  herbal nutrients and healing properties.    Have these on hand when the need to consume  something sweet  is palpable.

Well a start on my journey and hopefully yours,  to look at what I /we are consuming and the effects it can  have  on our well being and the need to grow in knowledge:

What comes from nature, pure and unadulterated, can make my being, a lot better!

For my teas, at this stage, my herbal teas,  for example, my peppermint and my chamomile, I have been buying the ‘Pure Chamomile’ or the ‘Pure Peppermint’, so getting  ‘plain’ tea,  just that herb on its own, so I feel that I am getting the best shot of  the nutritious benefits, for my needs, in that instance, whether to help me to sleep or to invigorate me just to survive that day at work!

Also to me, the need to fill those moments between meals,  when the need to eat, to satisfy  that craving, tea can soothe that need,  whether as a sweetener or just to give me that calmness.  It can help me on my journey, to  not just possibly shed some pounds/ kilos, , but to offer and give relief to my mind and body.

Hot Today?  Need something Refreshing and Cooling?

Try an Iced Tea:  

 perhaps Raspberry and Pomegranate or  Lemon and Mint.



Steep  4/5/6,  (depending on your taste). teabags in hot water, then  fill  a beautiful clear glass jug with water and add  the beautiful tea to your jug when cooled.

Have you got lots of ice block containers?

Prior to  making your jug of tea, freeze pieces of fruit, perhaps  small pieces of strawberries,  mint leaves, raspberries, lemon, orange, into ice block containers cover with water and freeze.

Add to your jug, or straight into some lovely tall glasses and top with the cooled tea, not only does it look inviting, as the ice further cools your drink and as it  melts,  it releases the fruit,  to add  further, fuller,  flavours to your drink!  Yum!

Stash Teas look wonderful  and the write up  is exceptional, unfortunately from what  I have read only available in the USA at this stage, so I have included some more  choices!


Look to:

A drink to break the fast after sleeping.  A nice brew, of whatever you particularly like, be it;   black tea,  green tea, peppermint, rosemary, sage, hibiscus, whatever you enjoy to break that fast after sleeping.

Then enjoy a good breakfast, fruit, fibre, protein,  mmm… well an exceptionally good start  to an exceptionally good  day!!    yay!!!

Well  must be good!    We have set the Scene!    So what else can we achieve today!


To the Pleasure of Tea and Well Being!




‘20,000 Secrets of Tea’,  Author Victoria Zaks

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The Boston Tea Party and the Birth of Liberty Teas


The Boston Tea Party:  

   A Pivotal  Moment in  America’s History and the Continued  Fascination  and Love of  this Wonderful Beverage, Tea.

To me,  the Boston Tea Party, conjures up visions of Boston  Harbour  turning into a sea of;

Black Gold’,   a most precious commodity,  a sought after beverage,  a treasure of the East!

The  Procurers,  The  Importers,  The East India Company,   with hopes of  vast wealth  from the sale of the tea,  see it  disappearing and muddying the waters, the water becoming polluted and black,  an ocean,  a harbour,  of tea!

Well , my imagination may be a little overboard in regard to loose tea being thrown,  overboard!    Mmm.. play on words here,  for  I believe the tea was packed in chests, one which survives and is on show at the ‘Boston Tea  Party Ships and Museum’,  in Boston.   Of  course these  chests all broke down in the water eventually, but not like my dramatic vision of the water running in black gold!


Boston Tea Party w.jpg

Source: W.D. Cooper. Boston Tea Party in The History of North America. London: E. Newberry, 1789. Engraving. Plate opposite p. 58. Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress (40)          (From Wikipedia )

So, Why did this Happen?

Shall we start with the date of this really quite an amazing event in the history of the colonisation of America.

Taxation without Representation!   Was the call.

It was the first organised act of rebellion against British rule, an act that directly led to the start of the American Revolution on the 19th April, 1775,     an act of defiance in the face of tyranny.

On the  sixteenth of December, 1773, Boston Harbour. Massachusetts:

Three British ships were docked, full of chests of tea. According to history, 342 chests!    The ships;  the Dartmouth, the Eleanor and the Beaver.  Each ship carried roughly a little over,  100 chests,  92,000 pounds of tea, in total!

How big were these chests and how much tea did they contain?

My calculation:   92,000 pounds,   divided by 342  chests  = 269 pounds per chest, that’s quite a lot per chest!

The British had imposed a huge tax on the tea which needed to be paid  within a certain period of time once the ships had docked in Boston Harbour and the tea would be unloaded onto the wharf. This tax was huge, equating to over a million  dollars today!

The tea came from China and from what I have read it was called; Bohea, the name given at that time to black tea, but I believe some green tea was packed as well. A group of people, calling themselves,  The Sons of Liberty,  led  by Samuel Adams, and from what  I have read ,  disguised  as Mohawk Indians, boarded the three ships.

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I haven’t read all these glorious books except the first one, I have just received this book,  it’s beautiful, full of wonderful  informative, dialogue and interspersed with beautiful, interesting, historic, pictures, drawings and paintings. A quality book with pages thick and glossy, a fabulous read, informative and educational.


The Sons of Liberty.

They were, to me, ethical people, they  had integrity,  driven  and focussed,  great loyalists to this new country, America and  again from what I have read, intent only  on damaging, destroying the tea, nothing else was damaged and no loss of life, an amazing feat really and definitely focussed on making their point. Why to me ethical, showing integrity?

Well from what I have read, there was to be no personal gain, re grabbing the tea for themselves, etc. but from their perception,  they were making a stand, it was  meant to  be for the greater good of their country!

So, with a definite lack of,  Bohea tea,   the inventful, resourceful, American ladies, looked to their gardens, their vegetable patches, their orchards,  the wild flowers growing in the fields, to discover, to try and create their own teas!

Liberty Teas!

Mmm.. well what teas did these ladies produce, I believe there was much to learn from the locally grown herbs used by the  Indians.

Chamomile, Raspberry and Wild American Sage are mentioned in the book; ‘20,000 Secrets of Tea’,   Author; V Zaks.

Virtually anything growing in their gardens were considered , blueberries, apples,  lemons, strawberries, roses, raspberries, peppermint,  lavender and rosemary, the leaves and/or the flowers and fruit, were steeped fresh or dried to be used as  required.

Let’s look at Sage, the herb of Wisdom  and Longevity.

A native of the Mediterranean,  an aromatic plant with  soft,  greyish,  green leaves, with spires of purple flowers in the warmer months. The American Sage is prized and imported  by China where the root is used to strengthen the heart and so improving circulation.

To the Pleasure of Tea and  Its Amazing History !




‘The Book of Tea’  Author:  Kakuzō Okakura


‘20,000 Secrets of Tea’ Author: Victoria Zak

Please visit this amazing website and  visit physically as well, I am not telling any American anything new,  I realise this.  I would personally love to visit,  to see this place in Boston,  Massachusetts  myself!  This is purely sharing what I have learned, I am not an Affiliate of this Museum.

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Herbal Teas———————-Chamomile Tea

Chamaemelum nobile.jpg

                                                           Chamaemelum      nobile.        ( Wikipedia)

I actually love  a cup of Chamomile Tea, especially if I have been tossing and turning, trying desperately to get to sleep and sleep  alludes me. Then I will frequently get up, pop on that kettle and make a hot cup of chamomile tea, pop  back into bed and enjoy.   I then find I can settle and drop off to sleep.


Is it the warmth of the hot water or the benefit of the tea, or,  as I believe,  both, impacting on my physical and mental being and so relaxing me,  my mind and body and then  sleep!

The need to sleep is so fundamental to our lives,  to our mental stability, to our coping ability,  to our feelings of wellness.  Our bodies and minds, our whole beings,  need to renew and reenergise  and I feel this happens at night  while we sleep  and sometimes, hopefully,  many times,  the wonderful, soothing hot drink  of a cup of chamomile tea may just give us  and our bodies, that edge.

The Chamomile Plant.

Like all herbaceous plants  the Chamomile plant is low growing,  a perennial, with daisy like flowers, it’s flowering time in the Northern Hemisphere is June, July and is found in fields and gardens and in cultivated areas as well. The flowers have  a sweet crisp fruity smell, a little like apple.

The Benefits of  a cup of Chamomile Tea.

Mmmm…well I already know that  this wonderful  steeped brew of chamomile tea gives mind, body and spirit  the  feeling of  a restored well being after the blessing it gives with  a good nights sleep,  but it has other  benefits as well.

Chamomile  relieves  muscle  aches and pains  and relieves menstrual cramping, arthritis pain and strains.

Chamomile relaxes  smooth  tissue muscles in the the body it relieves abdominal pain, bloating and gas, beneficial for those suffering with irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion.

Chamomile  relieves bladder inflammation  and helps to fight bladder infections.

Chamomile relieves nausea.

The Chamomile Tea that we drink is made from the dried flowers of the chamomile  plant.

Most of my information here has come from this amazing book;

‘ 20,000 Secrets of Tea ‘ by Victoria Zak.

It is an excellent  book, to me really a Go to Book,  about Tea and Teas. As  I read this book I have in hand my highlighter,  by highlighting  I can immediately find information quickly, when I wish to  review, revisit, remember  the added benefits, not just the enjoyment of the taste and aroma, but the extra benefits that I am receiving

Here is another link to purchase

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I noted from Wikipedia that  in the wonderful world of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter, (1902). Peter was packed off to bed after being chased by Mr MacGregor,  with a spoonful of Chamomile tea!

Of course I  scurried off to my bookcase to find my set of Beatrix Potter books!

Many years ago I purchased this collection and there it has sat as I wait quietly for perhaps a  grandchild!, very quietly!

Snapshot of dear Peter Rabbit’s Mum making the Chamomile Tea!   Obviously to restore the dear little fellow after being chased,  with the  definite possibility of becoming  Mr MacGregor’s   tea!

Well , who wouldn’t need the restorative  cup of  chamomile tea after that!


The Tale ofPeter Rabbit
Beatrix Potter (page 28)


To the Pleasure and  Benefits of Tea!




Victoria Zak’s  ‘20,000 Secrets of Tea.

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Herbal Teas——————-Peppermint Tea


                            1887 illustration from Köhlers;Medicinal Plants


Peppermint tea is one of my favourite teas,  drinking it hot,  steeped in a cup, sipping the lovely mint taste and breathing in the aroma  of menthol,  mmm…

Also I love it as a important component of my iced tea, when  on a hot day, mint and lemon are essential ingredients for my refreshing  glass of iced tea.

Besides the wonderful restoring  taste and aroma  it has Health Benefits as well!

Peppermint ………Mentha piperita

Indigenous to Europe and the Middle East and now cultivated around the world, the peppermint plant likes sunlight, warm, moist and rich soils. It is part of the family of plants called herbaceous, shortened of course  to herbs. A herbaceous  plant is typically low growing with green stems not woody and includes perennials, annuals and biennials.

Peppermint tea can be made from the fresh leaves of the plant or the dried leaves, although take care where you pick your fresh leaves in case they have been sprayed with any chemicals, Best to grow your own if you can!

The Benefits of  Peppermint  Tea.

A cup of tea is the easiest way to soothe the mind and the body and also  the quickest way to enter the bloodstream with the wonderful health benefits it can give.

The pure enjoyment of drinking this lovely brew, is definitely the first.

Like all  teas,  Peppermint  is natural, no additives, no preservatives, perfect!

The menthol in Peppermint  aids congestion, clearing the airways and stimulates the sense of alertness.

Suffering with Bronchitis, Laryngitis;  in a bowl of hot water steep a peppermint tea bag  and use  as an inhalant to ease the throat and clear the airways.

Nervous  tension or stress;   try a cup of Peppermint  tea.

Suffering stomach upset, nausea;   the menthol in Peppermint with it’s anaesthetic quality  calms the nerve endings in the stomach.

It also acts as a tonic and cleanser of the digestive system in the body.

When I need a pick up, perhaps at the start of a working shift and would rather be anywhere else, a cup of  hot peppermint tea refreshes me, warms me, especially in winter. In summer I like to take a bottle of brewed peppermint tea with me,  cooled, so I can just sip it as needed during my shift, to freshen my mouth and breath  and enjoy that lovely taste of mint.

Peppermint Oil.

Just to add here;

Well,  I love to have in my house, peppermint oil and lavender oil, peppermint oil especially as it is a natural pesticide and I sprinkle it regularly around the house to keep it free from insects and yes it works, wonderful!   Peppermint oil is the third most popular oil in the world after orange oil and lemon oil. I love the fragrance in my home of these beautiful oils.

For the love and health of drinking our cup of Tea!




Victoria Zak and her book: 20,000 Secrets of Tea

(a great read)!

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The Health Benefits of my cup of Tea

                                    The Health Benefits of Tea

                       ‘Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage.’

………………………….The Book of Tea.      By Kakuzō Okakura………………………………

I have been drinking tea for as long as I can remember, never thinking about the why,  but just enjoying the tea!  The warmth it gave me, the comfort I received from it,  the pleasure it gave me and my family and friends of just  being together, enjoying together,  a brew of tea and the company of each other.

Well, now we have such amazing teas and always have had, but perhaps unknown to us, now the enjoyment and the benefits of the brewing of our tea, the different types of tea, the process of  creating these teas and  really  we can now reach out across the world  through this amazing medium, the Internet!,  to explore, experience and enjoy the tastes and  benefits of this absolutely wonderful drink, our cup of TEA!!

Shall we look at:

                                                            White Tea

White Tea comes from the shrub/tree of all our teas, Camellia sinensis.

It is one of the worlds least processed Teas and that makes it so special, the more organic and least processed, straight from nature.

It is called White Tea  because of the bud and the whiteness of the new leaves picked  from the top of our Camellia sinensis  plant, the  youngest type of leaves, perhaps eight days old,   Of course anything cut or plucked from any plant, the withering process begins and this is so with the delicate buds and white leaves from the top of our  tea bush/plant,  they  are then simply dehydrated and are the least processed, not rolled, not oxidised.

It is harvested in China’s Fujian Province, but also in Nepal, Taiwan, Gaile,( Sri Lanka), and Northeast India.

Twinings Teas state that;  White Tea have the most antioxidants of all our Teas.

‘ Really regardless of what is in our tea, it’s really how we feel emotionally, physically and mentally as we choose, brew and drink our tea.

In  –  That  –  Special  –  Moment!

How  did I feel prior to sipping my cup of tea,   just  the need to sit and relax with my cuppa and that feeling of the :   …… aahhh…..!’   the exhaling, the feelings of relief and calmness and stillness,  that emerges and grows inside, satisfying and releasing.’

I have researched and come across a website and have taken some excerpts from this site:

Why and what aids us to have our,…… aahhh…..!  moment!

Chemical compounds found in tea are:

”… polphenols, amino acids, enzymes, pigments, carbohydrates, methylxanthines, minerals and many volatile flavor and aroma compounds. These components are responsible for producing teas with desirable appearance, aroma, and taste”

“Tea leaves contain many amino acids, the most abundant of which is theanine. Theanine, specifically L-Theanine, is responsible for promoting alpha brain wave activity and a feeling of relaxation. L-Theanine in concert with caffeine can induce a state of “mindful alertness” in the tea drinker. Amino acids make up an average of 6% of the extract solids in steeped tea.”

( Tony Gebely   (On the 26/5/2019).

Amino acids and Polphenols and  White Tea.

As above, tea  leaves contain amino acids,, the top most leaves of the Camellia Sinensis  plant receives   more  sunlight,  and the combination of sunlight with the amino acids, increases the strength of the Polphenols, so the buds and the top most leaves picked, with minimal processing , become our delicious,  ‘white tea. ‘

The flavour of the white  tea is  lighter and pale yellow in colour, a golden clear liquid, with a smooth, slightly sweet, mellow flavour.

The tea leaf has such a wonderful variety of chemical compounds, I am not a chemist or a scientist  and the number of compounds amaze me and delight me.  I have mentioned polphenols  in my paragraph above and from Wikipedia, I have found some simply explained information which I feel  is easy to understand.

These Wonderful Polphenols

Polphenols  are natural plant compounds found in tea, and are believed to provide potential health benefits. the polphenols in tea include catechins, tannins, flavonoids and  theaflavins.

Polphenols are types of antioxidants found in foods and beverages and are known to provide a host of health benefits. The word antioxidants just makes our ears prick up and our desire and need  to know more.

Foods we are told that are rich in antioxidants follow the richness and brightness of their colours, red,  green, orange and we can also drink these antioxidants in our tea. We are told that consuming them helps remove free radicals and decrease cell damage. Well we all know what free radicals can  accomplish  if left to travel around our bodies, unchecked,  we can end up with chronic diseases.

Let’s  drink More Tea!

                                                       Does White Tea contain Caffeine?

Yes it does. It possibly has more caffeine than  other teas, although I believe black tea has been found to have similar amounts. It is the purest of teas and the least processed.  Overall, a cup of tea, approx.  190 mls,  contains 15 to 20mgs  of caffeine.

Also remember,  that a lot depends on how  hot the water is  you brew your cuppa  in and how long your tea has been steeped,  (this  can vary and depends on which tea you are drinking),  affecting   the amount of caffeine released into your brew from the leaves.   I had an Aunt who insisted that you just added to her  cup of hot water,  a quick  dip of the tea bag and then out!   What enjoyment she got from this, I have no  idea, but  that was how she preferred her tea!    Well I could get picky here,  I have a brother-in-law, and on the whole he makes a good cuppa, but occasionally, I get a cup that tastes like , something similar to dish water!   Well good manners prevents me from saying anything, but goodness, do I want to jump up and start that wonderful brewing  process again, from the beginning!

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What we enjoy is such a double bonus, maybe triple, when we actually realise it is so good for  us.

My thoughts and well obviously I love my tea!!

To the Pleasure of Tea!


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Twinings Tea Company