Tea Rituals around the World

To the Rituals of this Beautiful Brew.

Second  only to water,   let’s look at the  Rituals  of Tea.

The  celebration of  tea and the celebration of the  ways people and countries  through the centuries have loved,  shared,  enjoyed,  this beautiful beverage and where it stands today.

Such an important, inextricable  part of our daily lives.

From our early morning cuppa in bed,  at the kitchen bench  ( or our second at the kitchen bench! )  to our lounge chair,  to a shared cuppa with friends,  to a grand gala,  to a garden party,  to a special afternoon tea,  to our last enjoyable supper drink before bed.

Our Life  with Tea!

Let’s visit  England


Princess Catherine of Braganza

Well as we know according to history, tea was introduced  to England socially,  by the  arrival of Princess Braganza, from Portugal,  betrothed to wed King Charles the 2nd.  She  arrived  in 1662,  to marry the King  and she brought with her to the English Court,  a trunk load of tea. An extremely expensive and desirable commodity to have and I presume  would have been a part of her trousseau., or perhaps she just had to have her cup of tea!

Well I really wanted to have a trunk full of tea, but, I love cats as well, so there we go, isn’t she just so precious!

This she shared with her friends, invited to her bedchamber to sip  and enjoy and converse,  while drinking tea.

Of course what is enjoyed by royalty, well it must follow,  that  it must be good and  so copied by the nobility and all who could afford this special beverage, and wished to enjoy  it as well.

Women drinking tea, could not visit the coffee houses,  definitely not accepted way back then,  where the men sat drinking their beverages, discussing the politics of the day, reading, etc.  So it became a drink to be enjoyed by the women and their friends in their homes.

Queen Anne.

Queen Anne’s reign;  (from 1702-1714).  Well, I found very little about her love of tea, accept that she mixed her cups of tea with  discussing the issues of the day with her politicians! So I shall continue my search into her life, she was not a well person, suffering with arthritis and so many pregnancies, with only one surviving to the age of eleven, William. She was actually the niece of Charles the Second and of course,  his wife  Catherine of Braganza.

I continued to research Queen Anne and really cannot find anything regarding her love of tea.( But the Teas and China  carrying her name are just fabulous and so desirable)!

As the love  of drinking tea grew,  I know that a cup of tea at breakfast,  became more popular than drinking a mug of ale with a  hearty breakfast.  I can only presume that ale was the regular drink to have or perhaps wine, rather than drinking water,  (which would’ve had a very high chance of making you sick!)   At least these drinks were fermented and treated, so less bacteria, and tea,  better still,  because not only did  it not make you dizzy and silly,  but  beautifully brewed in hot water!

Well,  fast forward to;  Anna.

The Seventh Duchess of Bedford in 1840.

Anna’/s full name was; Anna Maria Russell, Duchess of Bedford and she was a lifelong friend of Queen Victoria and Lady in Waiting of Her Bedchamber., (1837-1840)

Dinner times changed over the decades and where dinner may have been served  from around four in the afternoon, by the 1900’s it was much later,  around nine in the evening.

According to history, Anna found it quite a long wait between lunch and tea and around four o’clock, she felt really hungry  and requested,  tea and bread, she  invited friends to join her for tea and bread and then… .. well there you are… the ritual of the  afternoon tea arrived!

Mm..Tea and bread and jam!

To the Pleasure of Tea!


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(My resources; Wikipedia and UK Tea &Infusions Association).






The Books of our Childhood and the Tea

The Books of my Childhood

‘As we flick the pages of our childhood books,  memories  flood  back of  when  and where we first met these delightful characters,  enjoyed  reading about their escapades and just loved their  larger than life  personalities.  They  have become intricately  woven  into our beings forever.’

Forgive me for my whimsy, my indulgence, but:

Do you remember the ‘Tea  Parties’, or the picnics and  cups of tea shared amongst the characters of your beloved books?

What are the books that you remember, the ones that you grew up with and now  read to your children. The characters of these books,  now available as soft toys.

You bought them, because not only would you have loved to have them as a child,  but really in those days, just the book and your imagination, had to suffice!

(Mmm… I seem to be sounding very old!  But hey remember I am a Baby Boomer and things were still pretty tough post World War Two!)

But it gives  you so much pleasure  doesn’t it  as a parent, to see the joy on their faces, receiving the gift of not just the book,  perhaps,  ‘Winnie the Pooh’,   but  all the beautiful soft toys as well,  straight out of the pages of  these wonderful books!

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Alice in Wonderland, those amazing characters!

Helen Oxenbury is a very talented and well known Author and Illustrator and she has given our dear Alice quite a modern look in this box set,  first picture above, Alice looks delightful, have a peek!
Authors:  Lewis Carroll  and Helen Oxenbury.

Well, forgive  me, you must think I have gone  quite silly  on all things Alice, but I had to add these, some above and some below, such glorious merchandise to have these days for a  themed  gathering, so quirky and gorgeous! And of course any beautiful book needs a night light, why?, because you just have to keep on reading!

I actually might just to have set up a separate post, just for  all things  Alice!

Such gorgeous stuff!

Winnie the Pooh and those glorious sweet characters!

Peter Rabbit and his little family and  Mr McGregor.!

Wind in the Willows, Ratty and Moley,  and oh and my goodness,  not to forget   that rascal, Toad!

And the Tea Parties;

Did they have tea parties, or just occasionally have  tea?

Shall we dally?!  Mmmm…. yes let’s!

Alice in Wonderland.

(Author; Lewis Carroll)

I received this beautiful book, seemed bigger than me at the time, most probably as a Christmas gift and I loved it. What happened to this book,  well most probably fell apart with age and overuse!

Well this  book has the most amazingly known  Tea Party of all time;

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.      What great table accessories.
Aren’t they just perfect!  I have found the most wonderful  themed  accessories for a little girls  birthday party, a baby shower, a garden wedding,  or a tea gathering, have a peek below.

Such glorious, festive,  eye catching, party accessories!

Winnie The Pooh

(Author; A.A. Milne .)

Harder  to pin down,  a  Tea Party,  in  the  ‘Winnie the Pooh‘, books except one quote I have found that says ;

‘Tea  and honey is a very grand thing.’

But  my search shall continue, perhaps many enjoyable moments of rereading,’ Winnie The Pooh.’   !  shall ensue, endeavour, but mostly enjoy!

I studied, Speech and Drama in my teenage years and as part of my exam, I had to learn and recite passages of literature and poetry. One piece was , you guessed it, ‘Winnie the Pooh’!

Well  now to Peter  Rabbit?

Was  he more interested in pilfering the veggies out of Mr McGregor’s veggie patch, or did  he and his delightful family,  Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail and cousin? Benjamin,  actually enjoy a cup of tea?  (Mmmm… onward!)

Well  we all recognise the beautiful pottery featuring  Peter Rabbit and his  wonderful family and many of us received pieces of it with the births and christenings of our children for us to keep, use and hand on to our grown up children to then give to their children!

How  about this delightful hare and owls, love these glorious designs, quirky and cute!

now onto, ‘ Wind in the Willows’

( Author;  Kenneth Grahame.)

More delights  to be enjoyed by both adults and children. Now to find those gorgeous soft toys, I still have three from my children’s childhood, all sitting in the bookcase,  but I never found  Toadie!

Well  Ratty was such a dignified Rat wasn’t he,  so well dressed so  much the personification of an upper crust English gent!  Loved it!  Picnics on the river, sitting beside a warm fire,  Ratty and Moley!  One famous quote from  the book, which I love is;

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing-absolutely nothing-half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”.

Another  quote attributed to Kenneth Grahame  and ‘Wind in the Willows’, is:

“ We’ll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place”.

Well,  I’m sold!   The books of our childhood  included lovely days  and  possibly unusual days, filled with tea and cakes and buns and good company!?

Tea in the Garden.

To the Pleasure of Tea,  and the Beautiful  Books, that fed our Dreams and Fuelled  our Imaginations !


Don’t turn down that corner!   Bookmark it!    Wonderful !


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Recipes: Iced Tea

—————————————–My Iced Tea————————————-

We all have our recipes, but one that  I love, is the brewing of a pot of iced tea!!

Not one my Mum ever made, not really something that I believe anyone did in Australia, way back then. A cup of tea was a revival enough and of course still is.   In our land come evening, perhaps a cold beer, did the trick.

Well times have certainly changed and a fresh cooling drink, non-alcoholic, quite often is enough,  especially on a week night.

I started looking at beautiful cool drinks of iced tea!  Something I could prepare and put in a jug and well, there it would be, waiting for me after work, during those awful hot sticky days.

I found a recipe which looked pretty nice, forgive me I don’t know where, but I modified it to suit me and really made it mine!


1/4 cup raw sugar

1 stick lemon grass, break to bruise

3/4 cup water

Bring to boil in small saucepan until sugar dissolved, remove and let cool.

Fun part!   Choose tea bags of your choice. I like 4/5 strong tea bags plus, maybe 2 peppermint/ mint and 2  lemon tea bags.

More if you like of whatever combination you like, has to be what you will enjoy and what will satisfy.

Blend teabags in hot water and allow to brew, then add together with  cooled sugar mixed liquid, discard lemon grass, or leave in, if you like and add water,  pour mixture in to a beautiful clear jug and pop in fridge.

I like to add slices of lemon and a little bit of mint into the jug and there, a beautiful refreshing drink to enjoy after work,  in a tall glass, with ice!

To the Pleasure of Tea!






The History of Tea

The History of Tea

For the Love of Tea.

I like the story that I have read in books and articles on the internet, about a man drinking his cup of boiled water, when some leaves from a nearby tree fall  into his  cup changing  the colour of the liquid. Such an incidental  event,  that changed the world and created a beverage that is second only to water and  so began the journey of tea which  we enjoy and drink today.

This event,  according to legend dates back to 2700BC and the man?  Emperor, Shen Nung. The tea tree or plant is called, Camellia Sinensis. The Emperor felt restored after drinking the tea and  it became, initially used for its medicinal qualities and then enjoyed just for the pleasure of the brew.

China  enjoyed  their tea for centuries, prior to the West knowing anything about this delicious drink.  During  the Tang Dynasty ( 618-906 Ad). Tea became established as the traditional drink of the Chinese.

It followed, that it became a part of the Japanese culture, after it was according to history, introduced by travelling Japanese Buddhists monks studying in China.

Well there you are and Europe lagged well behind. The Portuguese, were bringing tea home through their missionaries and traders, but the Dutch, were the ones to really start commercially importing this wonderful brew.

And to England!

What brought it to England?   Well,  in the reign of Charles, the Second,  (I have researched a little more and he was a much loved and popular King and though he had no legitimate children  of his own with his wife Catherine Braganza, he had many illiigiitmate children, many that he recognised as  his own) . He was known as the ‘Merry Monarch’.

His new wife, Princess Braganza, from Portugal,  loved tea!. She arrived with a trunk of it and so it became very fashionable,  in the 1660’s,  to drink a brew of tea!

Mmm… cup of tea

Once countries across the world became aware of this precious commodity, there followed much intrigue and clandestine activities in the desperation of countries across the globe wishing to obtain the seeds and the plants and the tea itself, for themselves and their countries.

Tea was much sort after, people became rich from the earnings of ‘the tea’, but only the rich could afford to sip  this special brew, so it became a symbol of wealth and prestige and privilege.

There were excessively high taxes on the import of tea and of course there ensued a huge industry in smuggling tea, which went on for decades until the tea tax was virtually abolished, making tea  an affordable drink for all.

There are many plantations across the world now, after China,  Japan,  India, Ceylon now known as Sri Lanka,  and followed by,  although perhaps not in numerical order, Indonesia, Kenya, Australia  forgive me,  so many more!

Because  of the diverse regions that are now growing  this beautiful shrub/tree, we  enjoy  a great range, in  depth and  in flavour in  the world of teas.

China: is the largest producer of green and black tea.

Green Tea

India: examples of her tea, Assam and Darjeeling, both well known teas and named after the areas they are grown in. Assam, northern, either side of the Bramputra River and Darjeeling, at the foot of the Himalayas. (At least 70% of their tea is actually consumed by India.)

Indonesia: Java and Sumatra their teas; soft and subtle.

Kenya:  East and West of the Highlands, strong and spicy.

Sri Lanka: the teas can be strong or light, depending on where they are grown.

Well it is the start to my journey, sharing my knowledge as I learn and most of all appreciating, not just the tea but where it came from and the history that travels with it.

To the pleasure of Tea!


(My sources for above information about tea: Wikipedia and UK Tea & Infusions Association).

About Michele

About Me and My Tea.

How would I manage without my first cup of tea in the morning!.

It just doesn’t bear thinking about!

Sometimes I go to bed thinking about my cup of tea on waking and well, Mmmm……. what shall I have with it!

I know l feel so much better after I have sipped and enjoyed my first cup, (mug) of this beautiful brew. It replenishes me, makes me feel whole again and if I over indulge, (God forbid!) Well I am renewed with two cups of tea and a poached egg on toast. Yum!.


My love of tea goes back to my Mum and Dad and so often this is the case, don’t you agree? Isn’t  it the same with all of us! We inherit a love of things, that really when we think about it, have been a part of our childhood, our growing up, without even consciously realizing it and this relates also to our taste in foods and drinks.

Mum was never a great cook, I believe she never actually liked cooking, but she was very aware of giving us healthy, if not quite plain food and of course when we were considered old enough, tea. Now I wonder what we did before we were offered tea, well I shall have to ask my Big Sister! Water, of course, milk, yes, I always loved a big glass of cold milk and a couple of granita biscuits, with cold butter on them as an  after school treat!

After school treat!

But oh, hang on, Mum was into fruit drinks, came in a can way back then, no sugar added! Her favourite was pineapple, I can still taste it, cold and with ice!

Gosh did we love getting to Nana’s house and having Fanta!

My Website is about the history of tea, the rituals of tea, now and in the past, the varieties of tea, the benefits of tea, recipes with tea and just the pure love of a good cup of tea, enjoyed in good company and the love of a beautiful cup, full of this very special liquid to enjoy it from.

I hope you enjoy my Website and my journey about, ‘all about tea’!

I welcome your feed back and will delight in your shared memories, your experiences and your love of tea.

To the Pleasure of Tea!