Prime Time for Our Cup of Tea



Always Prime Time for a Cup of Tea, but this is Different!

Amazon has announced a 48 Hour Sale  where savings will be plentiful. It commences on the 15th July, at  0.01 am, PT time, (Pacific Time) ,and will last for 48 hours. To save on purchases ,  a customer must have a Prime Membership with Amazon.

A Prime Membership costs around 120.00 US per year.

If you have never had a Membership before, you can try before you buy! The only way to go!

  A  30 day  free  trial period,  so if you decide no,  don’t want or need it,  you can cancel, no charge!

But I guess, in the meantime, well,   you definitely need to try, so why not use the free trial period, to buy  what you may have been looking for and  at a reduced cost,  during this 48 hour Prime Time Amazon sale!

Lets see what I can find relating to this super duper Prime Time  Sale for the lovers of Tea and all the delightful, beautiful  paraphernalia,  I can find associated with our Cup of Tea!

Oh dear!  Prime Time Sale done and dusted but….

What’s that song;” 🎶🎶🎶 well it’s all over now…..🎶🎶🎶 “ but still worth considering, lots of savings, everyday!

Here is the Link to your 30 day FREE trial!



The best  and most popular of benefits of  the Prime Membership  as an ongoing membership, is Free  Delivery and   Free Amazon streaming services.

I live in Australia and the price of a Prime Membership for; Australian Amazon, is;

6.99,  per month,  or  59.00  dollars per year.

Mmm.. a lot cheaper, but at this stage a very much smaller window into the Australian retail market  and of course a lot less merchandise available to the Australian market,  compared to America.

Signing up for Prime means you’ll have free access to Amazon’s streaming services, including Prime Video, Prime Music and Twitch.   Members also get free access to Prime Reading and Prime Photos for all their ebook and storage needs.

I just love books and I search the internet to find books, perhaps about  tea,  about recipes, about  art, about places,  or just to find  a fantastic enthralling read,  be it, a love story, a  gripping murder mystery, a book about gardens , about decorating, about  creating, books that I love to pick up,  look at,  enjoy,  feel the glossy paper beneath my fingers,  the  beautiful images,  the  wonderful illustrations, the colours, the flowers,  the  opulence of the presentation ,  goodness, well, it has no end.

The  pleasure of a good read.


Well, there  it is ;  the pleasure,  the excitement,  the joy I feel when my books arrive and  I know, yes , I am paying  a small amount monthly,  to get free shipping, but hey, my books can weigh a ton!!    Postage  quite  possibly, can be and if not more,  the cost of the book again!

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn commissions on purchases made through links in this post.

Wow and look at these, just delights to the eye!!

But I get it delivered to my home for just the  cost of the purchase price and I always look for a bargain, while searching for the  most splendid book/books, that I just had  to / have to, have!

I have just purchased through Amazon some more glorious books.   Besides my love of tea, I love cooking and art,  especially Claude Monet, here is what I have purchased and mmm… can’t wait….but I will!

What I love is that with a Prime membership,  I have  just saved,  $33.00 on shipping!

I pay monthly, can cancel at any time if desired!  That is another beautiful hard cover book or many soft cover books!  Wonderful!

My purchases:  I have bought four of these wonderful books, Julia Childs, David Lebovitz , and of course Monet, so much delight to find and love and create! Also amazing wall art of Claude Monet’s garden. Found and just had to add here!

The love of a great book

Well,   onto looking for all those wonderful products to buy, the teas, the china, the books, the candles, the chandeliers!

Perhaps,   just worth a look at  that 30 day trial before you buy!

Experiencing and Loving.   To the Pleasure of Tea!




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