Recipes: Iced Tea

—————————————–My Iced Tea————————————-

We all have our recipes, but one that  I love, is the brewing of a pot of iced tea!!

Not one my Mum ever made, not really something that I believe anyone did in Australia, way back then. A cup of tea was a revival enough and of course still is.   In our land come evening, perhaps a cold beer, did the trick.

Well times have certainly changed and a fresh cooling drink, non-alcoholic, quite often is enough,  especially on a week night.

I started looking at beautiful cool drinks of iced tea!  Something I could prepare and put in a jug and well, there it would be, waiting for me after work, during those awful hot sticky days.

I found a recipe which looked pretty nice, forgive me I don’t know where, but I modified it to suit me and really made it mine!


1/4 cup raw sugar

1 stick lemon grass, break to bruise

3/4 cup water

Bring to boil in small saucepan until sugar dissolved, remove and let cool.

Fun part!   Choose tea bags of your choice. I like 4/5 strong tea bags plus, maybe 2 peppermint/ mint and 2  lemon tea bags.

More if you like of whatever combination you like, has to be what you will enjoy and what will satisfy.

Blend teabags in hot water and allow to brew, then add together with  cooled sugar mixed liquid, discard lemon grass, or leave in, if you like and add water,  pour mixture in to a beautiful clear jug and pop in fridge.

I like to add slices of lemon and a little bit of mint into the jug and there, a beautiful refreshing drink to enjoy after work,  in a tall glass, with ice!

To the Pleasure of Tea!






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