The Health Benefits of my cup of Tea

                                    The Health Benefits of Tea

                       ‘Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage.’

………………………….The Book of Tea.      By Kakuzō Okakura………………………………

I have been drinking tea for as long as I can remember, never thinking about the why,  but just enjoying the tea!  The warmth it gave me, the comfort I received from it,  the pleasure it gave me and my family and friends of just  being together, enjoying together,  a brew of tea and the company of each other.

Well, now we have such amazing teas and always have had, but perhaps unknown to us, now the enjoyment and the benefits of the brewing of our tea, the different types of tea, the process of  creating these teas and  really  we can now reach out across the world  through this amazing medium, the Internet!,  to explore, experience and enjoy the tastes and  benefits of this absolutely wonderful drink, our cup of TEA!!

Shall we look at:

                                                            White Tea

White Tea comes from the shrub/tree of all our teas, Camellia sinensis.

It is one of the worlds least processed Teas and that makes it so special, the more organic and least processed, straight from nature.

It is called White Tea  because of the bud and the whiteness of the new leaves picked  from the top of our Camellia sinensis  plant, the  youngest type of leaves, perhaps eight days old,   Of course anything cut or plucked from any plant, the withering process begins and this is so with the delicate buds and white leaves from the top of our  tea bush/plant,  they  are then simply dehydrated and are the least processed, not rolled, not oxidised.

It is harvested in China’s Fujian Province, but also in Nepal, Taiwan, Gaile,( Sri Lanka), and Northeast India.

Twinings Teas state that;  White Tea have the most antioxidants of all our Teas.

‘ Really regardless of what is in our tea, it’s really how we feel emotionally, physically and mentally as we choose, brew and drink our tea.

In  –  That  –  Special  –  Moment!

How  did I feel prior to sipping my cup of tea,   just  the need to sit and relax with my cuppa and that feeling of the :   …… aahhh…..!’   the exhaling, the feelings of relief and calmness and stillness,  that emerges and grows inside, satisfying and releasing.’

I have researched and come across a website and have taken some excerpts from this site:

Why and what aids us to have our,…… aahhh…..!  moment!

Chemical compounds found in tea are:

”… polphenols, amino acids, enzymes, pigments, carbohydrates, methylxanthines, minerals and many volatile flavor and aroma compounds. These components are responsible for producing teas with desirable appearance, aroma, and taste”

“Tea leaves contain many amino acids, the most abundant of which is theanine. Theanine, specifically L-Theanine, is responsible for promoting alpha brain wave activity and a feeling of relaxation. L-Theanine in concert with caffeine can induce a state of “mindful alertness” in the tea drinker. Amino acids make up an average of 6% of the extract solids in steeped tea.”

( Tony Gebely   (On the 26/5/2019).

Amino acids and Polphenols and  White Tea.

As above, tea  leaves contain amino acids,, the top most leaves of the Camellia Sinensis  plant receives   more  sunlight,  and the combination of sunlight with the amino acids, increases the strength of the Polphenols, so the buds and the top most leaves picked, with minimal processing , become our delicious,  ‘white tea. ‘

The flavour of the white  tea is  lighter and pale yellow in colour, a golden clear liquid, with a smooth, slightly sweet, mellow flavour.

The tea leaf has such a wonderful variety of chemical compounds, I am not a chemist or a scientist  and the number of compounds amaze me and delight me.  I have mentioned polphenols  in my paragraph above and from Wikipedia, I have found some simply explained information which I feel  is easy to understand.

These Wonderful Polphenols

Polphenols  are natural plant compounds found in tea, and are believed to provide potential health benefits. the polphenols in tea include catechins, tannins, flavonoids and  theaflavins.

Polphenols are types of antioxidants found in foods and beverages and are known to provide a host of health benefits. The word antioxidants just makes our ears prick up and our desire and need  to know more.

Foods we are told that are rich in antioxidants follow the richness and brightness of their colours, red,  green, orange and we can also drink these antioxidants in our tea. We are told that consuming them helps remove free radicals and decrease cell damage. Well we all know what free radicals can  accomplish  if left to travel around our bodies, unchecked,  we can end up with chronic diseases.

Let’s  drink More Tea!

                                                       Does White Tea contain Caffeine?

Yes it does. It possibly has more caffeine than  other teas, although I believe black tea has been found to have similar amounts. It is the purest of teas and the least processed.  Overall, a cup of tea, approx.  190 mls,  contains 15 to 20mgs  of caffeine.

Also remember,  that a lot depends on how  hot the water is  you brew your cuppa  in and how long your tea has been steeped,  (this  can vary and depends on which tea you are drinking),  affecting   the amount of caffeine released into your brew from the leaves.   I had an Aunt who insisted that you just added to her  cup of hot water,  a quick  dip of the tea bag and then out!   What enjoyment she got from this, I have no  idea, but  that was how she preferred her tea!    Well I could get picky here,  I have a brother-in-law, and on the whole he makes a good cuppa, but occasionally, I get a cup that tastes like , something similar to dish water!   Well good manners prevents me from saying anything, but goodness, do I want to jump up and start that wonderful brewing  process again, from the beginning!

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What we enjoy is such a double bonus, maybe triple, when we actually realise it is so good for  us.

My thoughts and well obviously I love my tea!!

To the Pleasure of Tea!


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