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Kohler’s Medicinal Plants


I have often had ginger tea, but  usually infused with lemon, really delicious, a fresh tangent, warming  taste, pleasant on the mouth and soothing to the senses.

From personal experience;    just by the by:

Some  of my friends suggested, when they saw me perhaps struggling with a sore throat and an irritated cough,  or feeling a little bilious, that I should chew a little ginger!

Also working with the elderly, I had this lovely lady,  who started each day,  requesting a glass of warm water and she carried with her in a little plastic bag,  maybe three slices, of thinly sliced ginger, which she would eat with her warm water, while sitting on the side of her bed!  Why?  Well to kick start her digestive system  and prevent constipation!    Wonderful!     Really she was having a cup of ginger tea, wasn’t she!?

Ginger is a flowering plant, a herbaceous perennial,  white and pink flowering buds,  changing to yellow on opening. It is and has been,  widely used as a spice and  originated in South East Asia.   It was  to be  one of the first spices to be carried across the world  during the spice trades .

                                                           Fresh ginger rhizome

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root or ginger, is widely used as a spice and a folk medicine. (From Wikipedia).

Well, what foods and beverages don’t enjoy the  added flavour of the ginger root?

All across the world it is used in virtually every culinary event,  the  gathering, the cooking,  the  eating,   the drinking experience.

From all things, savoury,  from light,  to hearty, to delightfully sweet, this added spice is  enjoyed and loved around the world.

My favourite food with ginger, has to be,  gingerbread loaf,  with dates and added spices,  perhaps made richer with, honey, or  molasses,  or golden syrup,   baked and then sliced warm  spreading each slice with butter!  Yum!

Such an expressive term don’t you think, it says so much!!!      YUM!!

Well,  we can enjoy our ginger root in so many ways,  shall we look at ginger in our Cup of Tea!

According  to Victoria Zaks, in her wonderful book ; ‘20,000 Secrets of Tea,’

Ginger is:

Ginger is the Hot Root.

She states ginger is the hot root, when taken  as a tea it will warm you from head to toe.

“Ginger warms and comforts the body, increases blood flow to cleanse toxins and promote healing.” (pg.131, 20,000 Secrets of Tea).

No wonder my lovely 90 year old client started her day with her sliced ginger and warm water!

And my friends only wished me well, because Ginger is also excellent as a mild expectorant, so, beneficial for cold conditions;  colds, chills, congestion.

Great for nausea and motion sickness;      so, soothing the stomach.

Heart Health:       lowers cholesterol and stabilises  blood pressure,

“….helps to prevent clotting, and reduces the risk of heart attacks  and strokes.”         (Pg131,    ‘20,000 Secrets of Tea’).

Well another amazing herb, that creates another amazing tea!

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All for us to sip and enjoy,  knowing  not just the  Pleasure Tea gives us, but the healing and health benefits as well!



To the Pleasure and Wonder of Our Cup of Tea!




‘20,000 Secrets  of Tea ‘,   Victoria Zaks

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