I am an Affiliate

I am an Affiliate.

One  day perhaps a Wealthy Affiliate, play on words there and perhaps we shall explore that later.

What is an Affiliate?

A person who becomes an associate of various Companies,  Retailers etc. and  through a love of,  a knowledge  of  the  products that they sell,  that person/ persons, can promote these products and the seller then  pays them a commission on sales generated by them!

Find your Niche or Many Niches!

We all have opinions on most things, ‘ I tried that  and it was great, or no I didn’t feel that worked,  perhaps it needs this or……..’!

I love to write, I love to talk, discuss, explore and create, and while I enjoy my passions,  I feel it becomes a work of art when you  can create a website full of what you/I  love,  well there you are,  so  why not earn an income at the same time!

Create a Website.     ( My First Link, to a possibly Exceptional Life)

Here is an opportunity to just have a go, two free websites in this Starter Package, within Wealthy Affiliate.  With a  hands on approach,  the absolute, best way to learn and grow a phenomenal online presence!

And the Starter Package!! Well of course it’s FREE!  Put that Credit Card away!!

To Create a Website because you want to Share;  what?….  well,  everything, your love, your skills, your knowledge,  so what do you do?!   Well,  you  have your own  experience and knowledge, but you can add to this,  research,  by reading, looking, watching  ( mm…. documentaries, movies, history, etc…)

Researching on the Internet  is so much fun, especially if you love beautiful, visual sights of gardens, art, architecture,  fashion, recipes, life styles,  old stuff, new stuff,  goodness it goes on and on!  And guess what,  your knowledge and skills grow!   Example; I am tinkering with photography, so when  I can’t find what appeals to me and what I would like to display on my website, well I can create my own!

And right there I have  created  another niche with the potential to create an income, while writing about my latest experiences, learning a new craft,  new skills,  how I started, what I created, where did I go to learn all I could about,  photography and  then sharing my knowledge!

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: I may earn commissions on purchases made through links in this post.


Enjoy your new Career, your online Marketing Journey.

You can become a:

Social Media  Influencer,

 because of:

You are an expert, a wealth of knowledge  due to your experiences in your life. How you live, survive, try and conquer, it’s all there for you to share with the world, so the world can learn from you and take comfort from the fact that you have done it, tried  it and survived it.

Perhaps you are just like me and you love a great cup of tea, a slice of cake, a catch up with friends, maybe it’s coffee for you, maybe it’s a love of knitting, sewing, music, golf, fishing,  bike riding, books,  who doesn’t love a great book?!   Share your loves, your skills and become an Affiliate and what you use each day,  what you do everyday that makes your life easier, more enjoyable, well,  promote  it online and  create an income!

So, on my website there will be links to products  that I have used,  found useful,  that  I have  loved , enjoyed,  learnt  new skills through  and I wish to write about them   and  share  them with you.

This wonderful opportunity is free for as long as you want it to be!   The exceptional knowledge and tools  available for growing your internet and computer skills is just phenomenal !

Have you ever just wanted to have better technical skills to communicate with, to do just fancy stuff on your computer, well it’s all here and for free and it has so much more to offer, what an amazing learning space this is!

So,  to my opening line above:

here  below, is my second link. 

The Wealthy Affiliate University.

I am enjoying my journey learning all about tea and writing about it, but to do this, I had to start building my little window to the world and because I am pretty useless at all things ‘tech’, I found this little treasure in the form of ‘Wealthy Affiliate.’

Well, sit down with a beautiful cup of tea and have a look!!



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