Tea at the Ritz

                                                     Tea at the Ritz

My thoughts immediately fly to London, conjuring up, beautiful teas, dainty sandwiches,  scones with jam and cream and beautiful petite cakes and pastries, served  on luscious  delicate china!

All to be consumed  surrounded by  the sheer opulence  and elegance of marble and  gold,  imbued in hues of  beige and pinks and apricots and sparkling chandeliers!

Have you heard the term, ‘ putting  on the Ritz’,  well  it originates from our Swiss Hotelier, Cesar Ritz!!


This  is the setting of Afternoon Tea at the Ritz, Palm Court.


Tea and cake!

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I have this little book at home and it has a lovely history of the Ritz and the  history of Tea and lots of  traditional afternoon tea recipes, all set amongst lovely sketches/ drawings,  all relevant to the  taking of tea!

This book has had an update, a new beautiful cover, which I have included in my four Amazon picks below.

Beautiful books full  of Recipes, History, Traditions and Places !


The Ritz  Hotel carries the surname of its  developer, Cesar Ritz. He was a Swiss hotelier and founded many hotels.

The first Ritz, I believe,  is The Hotel Ritz in Paris, opened  in 1898,  followed by The Ritz in Piccadilly, London,  opened in 1905 and then The Ritz in Madrid, in 1906. Cesar had a great close association with a  famous French Chef and the  father of modern French cooking. (Wikipedia). His name is Auguste  Escoffier.

César Ritz
César Ritz (1897).jpg

Portrait of César Ritz

Auguste Escoffier 01.jpg

                                                                                                                          Auguste  Escoffier

Both photos  retrieved from Wikipedia 15/8/19.

Their partnership goes back to 1888, in Baden Baden, S.W. Germany. They were invited by Richard D’Oyly Carte, to, as a team, Manager and Chef to  the Savoy which they did for eight years and under their guidance the Savoy became very successful  and very popular.

The Savoy in London was the first Hotel, where ladies were allowed to visit and enjoy a cup of tea, unaccompanied, a mammoth  step forward in those days!

It was at the Savoy that the desert Peach Melba was created and Melba Toast, after the Australian opera   singer,  Dame Nellie Melba. Her given name, Helen Porter Mitchell.  She became unwell while staying at the Savoy and Auguste  Escoffier created Melba Toast for her, thin slices of  twice baked bread, dry, crisp, thinly sliced toast.

Cesar’s journey continued, with the Ritz Hotels,  but with failing health, he died in 1918

I have travelled to the Ritz’s website to gather information about enjoying the ritual of afternoon  tea,  today at the Ritz,  my references will be listed at the end of my post.

Afternoon tea at The Ritz, Palm Court is served four times  a day, commencing at  11.30,  3.30,  5.30 and 7.30. An amazing choice of eighteen teas are provided,  some I have listed below,  chosen  randomly from the list, but the names have my taste buds zinging!

Ritz Royal English.

Earl Grey Imperial.

Lemon Verbena.

Camomile Flowers.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe.


All to be enjoyed with the delicious afternoon tea and a Music Ensemble,  piano and harp!

There is now a beautiful Cook book:

‘ The Ritz London: The Cook Book’,  by John Williams MBE.

Executive  Chef at the Ritz. This book features 100 recipes, created by John Williams and are divided into the Seasons of the year, delicious recipes and hints to guide your cooking adventure at home.

I love a cookbook with a story attached and this has it all, beautiful recipes, canapés, entrees, mains and deserts, all created by John Williams at The Ritz.  With recipes also  from the Afternoon Tea menu. There is a order form on the website, but unfortunately from what I can see only available to U.K. Addresses, but have found the same on Amazon. Have a look.

Mmm.. Tea and Cake!

To the Pleasure  and Celebration of Tea !


resources: Wikipedia and the website The Ritz Hotel;   theritzlondon.com

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