The Books of our Childhood and the Tea

The Books of my Childhood

‘As we flick the pages of our childhood books,  memories  flood  back of  when  and where we first met these delightful characters,  enjoyed  reading about their escapades and just loved their  larger than life  personalities.  They  have become intricately  woven  into our beings forever.’

Forgive me for my whimsy, my indulgence, but:

Do you remember the ‘Tea  Parties’, or the picnics and  cups of tea shared amongst the characters of your beloved books?

What are the books that you remember, the ones that you grew up with and now  read to your children. The characters of these books,  now available as soft toys.

You bought them, because not only would you have loved to have them as a child,  but really in those days, just the book and your imagination, had to suffice!

(Mmm… I seem to be sounding very old!  But hey remember I am a Baby Boomer and things were still pretty tough post World War Two!)

But it gives  you so much pleasure  doesn’t it  as a parent, to see the joy on their faces, receiving the gift of not just the book,  perhaps,  ‘Winnie the Pooh’,   but  all the beautiful soft toys as well,  straight out of the pages of  these wonderful books!

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Alice in Wonderland, those amazing characters!

Helen Oxenbury is a very talented and well known Author and Illustrator and she has given our dear Alice quite a modern look in this box set,  first picture above, Alice looks delightful, have a peek!
Authors:  Lewis Carroll  and Helen Oxenbury.

Well, forgive  me, you must think I have gone  quite silly  on all things Alice, but I had to add these, some above and some below, such glorious merchandise to have these days for a  themed  gathering, so quirky and gorgeous! And of course any beautiful book needs a night light, why?, because you just have to keep on reading!

I actually might just to have set up a separate post, just for  all things  Alice!

Such gorgeous stuff!

Winnie the Pooh and those glorious sweet characters!

Peter Rabbit and his little family and  Mr McGregor.!

Wind in the Willows, Ratty and Moley,  and oh and my goodness,  not to forget   that rascal, Toad!

And the Tea Parties;

Did they have tea parties, or just occasionally have  tea?

Shall we dally?!  Mmmm…. yes let’s!

Alice in Wonderland.

(Author; Lewis Carroll)

I received this beautiful book, seemed bigger than me at the time, most probably as a Christmas gift and I loved it. What happened to this book,  well most probably fell apart with age and overuse!

Well this  book has the most amazingly known  Tea Party of all time;

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.      What great table accessories.
Aren’t they just perfect!  I have found the most wonderful  themed  accessories for a little girls  birthday party, a baby shower, a garden wedding,  or a tea gathering, have a peek below.

Such glorious, festive,  eye catching, party accessories!

Winnie The Pooh

(Author; A.A. Milne .)

Harder  to pin down,  a  Tea Party,  in  the  ‘Winnie the Pooh‘, books except one quote I have found that says ;

‘Tea  and honey is a very grand thing.’

But  my search shall continue, perhaps many enjoyable moments of rereading,’ Winnie The Pooh.’   !  shall ensue, endeavour, but mostly enjoy!

I studied, Speech and Drama in my teenage years and as part of my exam, I had to learn and recite passages of literature and poetry. One piece was , you guessed it, ‘Winnie the Pooh’!

Well  now to Peter  Rabbit?

Was  he more interested in pilfering the veggies out of Mr McGregor’s veggie patch, or did  he and his delightful family,  Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail and cousin? Benjamin,  actually enjoy a cup of tea?  (Mmmm… onward!)

Well  we all recognise the beautiful pottery featuring  Peter Rabbit and his  wonderful family and many of us received pieces of it with the births and christenings of our children for us to keep, use and hand on to our grown up children to then give to their children!

How  about this delightful hare and owls, love these glorious designs, quirky and cute!

now onto, ‘ Wind in the Willows’

( Author;  Kenneth Grahame.)

More delights  to be enjoyed by both adults and children. Now to find those gorgeous soft toys, I still have three from my children’s childhood, all sitting in the bookcase,  but I never found  Toadie!

Well  Ratty was such a dignified Rat wasn’t he,  so well dressed so  much the personification of an upper crust English gent!  Loved it!  Picnics on the river, sitting beside a warm fire,  Ratty and Moley!  One famous quote from  the book, which I love is;

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing-absolutely nothing-half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”.

Another  quote attributed to Kenneth Grahame  and ‘Wind in the Willows’, is:

“ We’ll see if tea and buns can make the world a better place”.

Well,  I’m sold!   The books of our childhood  included lovely days  and  possibly unusual days, filled with tea and cakes and buns and good company!?

Tea in the Garden.

To the Pleasure of Tea,  and the Beautiful  Books, that fed our Dreams and Fuelled  our Imaginations !


Don’t turn down that corner!   Bookmark it!    Wonderful !


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14 Replies to “The Books of our Childhood and the Tea”

  1. Winnie The Pooh was one of my favorite characters as a child, I love all the stories included in book and cartoon characters, filled with Wonderful moments of joy, stories on tea, honey, etc. Thanks for bringing back the good memories. These are few of the things kids of nowadays never get opportuned to enjoy.

    Have a nice day

    1. Thanks Salim,

      Yes I do treasure those early days in my children’s lives when they loved soft toys and the books I loved as a child.

      The books and the toys stayed in the bookcase as they grew and their tastes changed to, what came next, how could I forget! Star Wars of course!


  2. You know, I don’t think I was ever one of those kids that had tea parties as a kid. I think I missed out! lol 

    Of course, the two books that you picked out are classics and wonderful for reading any time – young or old. I had a bunch of the Winnie the Pooh books as a kid. I really loved those. 

    I don’t think I had any of the characters though. And maybe that’s why I didn’t have any tea parties. Maybe because I didn’t have anyone to have tea with! lol

    When my kids were littler, there was a certain Christmas book that they had, and they each had their own plush toy of the character that was in the book. And you’re right, it really made it more fun to read the book and have the character act out some of the parts. 

    By the way, I DO love tea! 🙂 

    1. Hi Christina,

      Yes the books alone had to fuel our imaginations as children. My children were lucky enough to have many of the soft toys to enjoy and enhance their reading experience

      Thank you


  3. Thank you Michele for taking me down that wonderful trip to memory lane. There was always something so magical about the lovely tea parties those characters had. And Alice in Wonderful was just the most wonderful book. The Mad Hatter and his tea party seemed larger than life when I was small, and I was always afraid about what would happen to Alice. And the Queen of Hearts was quite terrifying! 

    I read Winnie the Pooh to my boys and it’s so delightful. Now I think I’ll go and make myself a cup of tea.

    1. Hi Melissa

      Yes we did worry about dear little Alice didn’t we and her journey with all these larger than life colourful characters.

      Great stories that fuel the imagination of our children and create shared memories of just reading and laughing together.


  4. This is a great post! It is easy to overlook the tea party in these stories because of all of the other crazy things that happen but thanks to you I can see the importance of it. Tea time is not just about a refreshing or a revitalizing drink that can be good for your health it is also much more.

    Tea is an opportunity to connect with friends and family. To enjoy a drink together but also to enjoy each others company. I think the tea time in these stories is also a time to slow down and relax in good company. The tea and the company have a way of warming the spirit.

    Thanks for sharing this great walk down memory lane!

  5. Wow! Taking me way back when! I have always loved storybooks as a child and I grew up in a family of tea lovers. My grandma knew her tea so well that she would not just drink it anyhow. It had to be made to perfection. 

    Hot and a lot of tea! She had her special gigantic beakers – not teacups. If she came to your house and you offered her tea in a teacup..she appreciates but immediately she gets back home, she wants more tea because “so-and-so just teased her palate with a tea drop” LOL!

    Stories were plenty during our many tea sessions, some true-life stories and some from her favorite books but mostly very funny. Old Lady had a way with words.

    Thanks for reminding me of sweet memories, Michele! 

  6. Hi! Yeah, tea and cakes and buns! Thank you for this nice post. It brings so many good memories. I loved reading all those stories. Just from the moment I learnt to read and discovered the great pleasure in it, I couldn’t get off a book. And I would daydream about these characters.

    It’s nice to see the same books we liked so much, to also be our children’s favorites. I haven’t bought Alice in Wonderland yet for my kids, so I’ll purchase it here.

    1. Hello Henry, thank you for your comments, it was a fun post to write and yes such special tales and such wonderful characters!


  7. This post brought some memories!!! I read Alice in Wonderland so many times as a kid….. and I sure do remember those tea parties…. I remember I was hooked on tea as a kid all the time, maybe that’s why. Subtle messages through the book. Thanks for writing this!

    I think it’s a great book for kids, what do you think?

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