Mmmm… The Festive Season

Then when it’s all over, the pleasure of a hot cup of tea and something comforting to have with it!

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That’s definitely the best time for me!   I like to give, pleasurable, yummy treats at Christmas, treats especially home made if possible.

Fruit cake, shortbread, chocolate cookies, some savoury as well,  cheese and chive biscuits, relishes, jams, pickles  and then a lovely variety of different tea blends, some perhaps never tried before to sip and relax and contemplate the days end.

I love the decorative colours of Christmas, the sumptuous reds and golds, greens with red and gold, strong purples, brilliant, sometimes iridescent blues, with the backdrop of gold!   Just Wonderful.

The eye is drawn to beautifully wrapped packages, do you unwrap yours  with excitement, a touch of,  gosh I just need to see what is hidden within!   With the splendour of the wrapping, the colours, once again full of the opulence  of Christmas leads to much more of the need,   to see what lies beneath!

Or do you appreciate the  beautiful, elegant wrapped gift, resplendent with the colours of Christmas and just wish to save  that ribbon, the paper,  the tiny little figure that is attached to the Christmas Greeting!

Yes, either way is perfect,  but the later, can give us  wonderful saved  memories, and also the opportunity to  recycle!   What our eyes have enjoyed prior to opening our wondrous gift, can then give pleasure to someone else while we look on, enjoying the delight  in  their eyes, as they  devour the  recycled splendour, of ribbon and paper!

The colours of Christmas, where did they originate from?

To my mind it must go back to the Biblical Magi,  the Three Wise Men or  Kings,  following the  Mysterious light/ Star and carrying their gifts of  Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, as gifts to the Infant Child.

The red and green of Christmas, perhaps in the winter months of the Northern Hemisphere, evergreen holly seemed like a  promise of spring and of course the red berries of the holly added to this, it was brought into homes to protect and bring good luck and so became a part of a celebration of the festive season.

The Best of Christmas,  is the Contentment  of a Cup of Tea, the taste  of something Comforting  and  Peacefulness at Days  End!


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