The Meaning of Ambience

Mmm.. delightful!


A nice word, ‘Ambience’, what does it mean?

Ambience is another word for atmosphere, the sense of mood a place or a setting has.  For example, if  a  restaurant has soft lighting and peaceful music, it has a pleasant, soothing,  ambience.

Ambience!?  Mmm… Sounds  French, well yes it is.

But here we need to look at the spelling, do we spell this word as ambiance or ambience?  Ambiance is  from the French spelling of word and Ambience is the English derivative and both words mean the same. In English speaking countries eg. Australia,  United Kingdom, the spelling,  Ambience is more common.  Each spelling is the alternative  spelling of a word  meaning the same.  So in my post I shall continue to use the spelling, Ambience.

What creates Ambience? 

Well,   the  ambience  of a place  can impact on all our senses.

It captures all our senses!

 Sight,   visual delights, soft lighting, or luscious opulent lighting, splendid  glistening tableware, flowers etc.

Smell,   fragrances , from the flowers, the infusers, the scented candles.

Hear,   soft  music,  jazzy music,  what mood are you trying to create.

Taste,   the pleasure of eating, flavour, texture.

Feel,  the fine china or a glass, cutlery, on your fingertips, the rustle of material, the texture of fine linen.

 All of  our senses pick up on the atmosphere, the  surroundings,……the ‘ambience’!

Shall  we create an ambient occasion. Something that may look just thrown together on a whim, but perhaps has taken thought and creativity to put together.

A picnic beside a lake, or a pond, or a river. The shade of trees, dappled light, flowers blooming, soft green grass, the sound of birds.

Mother Nature  has provided  us  with the perfect ambience!

Lets throw down a colourful blanket/ quilt, a basket of fruit,  apples, pears, grapes and strawberries, a platter of cheeses, cold meats, olives, salad,  a  crusty loaf  of  bread and  a bottle of wine.

Mmm perfect.

Enjoy,  under the shade of a tree. Listening to the trickle of water with the warmth of the sun on our backs, warming our body and soul.

Mmm….A shady tree!

To the Pleasure of life and finding Ambience  all around us!



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