To the Society of Tea Bags

A society of what!?

Definitely!  Yes,  I said it, tea bags!

Prerequisites to join this new and exceptional Society!?

You must be strong and be able to take the heat!

So to the Tea Bags!!

If you are one of those who just dip a toe, oops, tea bag, in lukewarm water and pronounces:      ‘tea is served’,          get out of here!

This post is double-edged, is that the right word.?   Well, meaning two things:

A Good, Strong, Hot, Cup of Tea.

and  the analogy  of:

‘A Woman is Like a Tea Bag’.

And while we may look at many examples of  strong women, all  with amazing inner strength, some who thrive on being capable of standing tall and forthright and empowered,   just  always,  perhaps always, always,  be simmering away, always,  strong and  hot, and:

Then there are also those women with also,  inner strength:   but just not noticed,   until the going gets tough and then,   finding themselves in hot water, their inner strength and resilience, empowers them in extremely difficult circumstances.  It can be small or large,  but when confronted with a situation, believed to be unjust, unfair, unethical, they become, engaged, enraged and enlivened, to help, heal and overcome any adversity.

Well,  a question comes to mind?  Is it best to be a  simmering tea bag, or just the one,  that when feeling the heat,  they become empowered with righteousness and justice and finding fairness for all.

Either one,   is a beautiful tea bag,  but a constant simmer may make our teabag a little stewed and bitter!     We need you, please don’t wear yourselves out!!                              Time for a Chamomile cup of tea!!

What do you think?

Well, we can enjoy our very own strong cup of hot tea, as we read and embrace:

  “The Tea Bags of History!”

Where do we start on this epic journey of ours?

We need to look back at history, perhaps initially, but of course we have so many amazingly strong Tea Bags in our lives and the world right now, but ….

Shall we just choose a few to start with.

Well,  no surprises, we really should start with the person attributed with this saying in the first place;          Eleanor Roosevelt.



Political Figure, Diplomat, and Activist.

Well, a couple of quotes I think first.

“Dr. William Keen, commended Roosevelt’s devotion to the stricken Franklin during the time of his travail. “You have been a rare wife and have borne your heavy burden most bravely,” he said, proclaiming her “one of my heroines”.[43]”

(Wikipedia, retrieved, 29/5/20).

“President Harry S. Truman later called her the “First Lady of the World” in tribute to her human rights achievements.[8”

(Retrieved, Wikipedia, 1/6/2020)

What an absolutely remarkable woman.

Some  basic information:

Eleanor was born, October 11th, 1884.       Died, November 7th, 1962.

Eleanor lost her parents at an early age, her mother died of diphtheria, in 1892, her brother Elliot died the following year of the same illness, her father was an alcoholic and died in 1894, her younger brother, Hall, died in 1941.

She met (1902)  and married  Franklin  D. Roosevelt on 17th March,  1905, and gave birth to six children.

Eleanor had strong principles and may have struggled in her personal life,  where to me,  she perhaps endured daily mental anguish,  feelings of perhaps personal lack of self-worth at home,  as having lost her mother and father at a young age,  and a mother is such a precious ally when raising your children and then having to deal with a controlling, dominant mother in law and a philandering husband.   With trying to understand, her mother-in-law,  Sara;  she only had the one child and I can see how Franklin was her life, she was ambitious for him and they were very close.

Eleanor’s  Public  Life.

Eleanor was the First Lady of the United  States from, March, 4th, 1933 until April, 12th, 1945. during her husband, Franklin D Roosevelt’s four terms in office.      She was the longest-serving First Lady of the USA.

Eleanor thrived on helping and reaching outside of her life and on seeing the poverty, racial discrimination, inequalities of life, she used her position as a political figure as the First Lady and beyond,  to fight for justice.

Other positions she held were:

First Lady  of New York (1932)

First Chair. ( 1946-1952)  Presidential  Commission, Status of Women.

Representative to the United Nations Commission Human Rights (1947-1952)

(1961-1962) Presidential Commission on Status of Women

There is so much this woman did, achieved, was criticized for, and remained strong and true to her beliefs.

I have only just scraped the surface of this absolutely dynamic woman. all of my information has come from Wikipedia and it has so much more to tell.

My final quote, again from Wikipedia:

“President John F. Kennedy ordered all United States flags lowered to half-staff throughout the world on November 8 in tribute to Roosevelt.[218]” 


So, what do you think, does she shape up to be an exceptional Tea Bag!

She has my vote!

To the Pleasure of a Good Strong Hot Cup of Tea!!



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